NEWPORT, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 04: Festival goers enjoy the atmosphere around the official Guinness World Record holding
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Over the weekend, UK music festival Bestival set a new Guinness World Record for the largest disco ball ever. Boasting a diameter greater than 33 feet, the gargantuan glittering ball (above) was confirmed as the planet's largest by fest organizers via Twitter last night.

It's a pretty awesome record to break, and the four-day festival has none other than Nile Rodgers, of "Get Lucky" fame, to thank. In an attempt to hype up his band's headlining set, the Chic co-founder had challenged Bestival organizers to "create the world's largest disco party of all time." And how does one do that? With the biggest disco ball ever, of course.

NME reported that at the start of Rodgers' set, the spectacular sphere was hoisted up by a crane in the middle of the festival site. In order to break the record, the ball needed to be more than 33 feet in diameter as well as be able to spin on its own. 

Thanks to the funk legend, the UK fest joins the likes of Big FreediaJack WhiteHunter Hayes and Andrew W.K. who all recently got into the Guinness Book of World Records with recent feats.

Watch a video from May where Rodgers puts Bestival owner Rob Da Bank up to the challenge (in a groovy bar setting, naturally) right here. Check the bulky ball hoisted in all its glittery glory with its engineers below.

NEWPORT, UNITED KINGDOM - SEPTEMBER 07: Engineers dressed as spacemen secure the Giant Disco Ball above the festival ground a
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