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Chris Brown's 13 Best Dance Moments

From his first-ever VMAs performance to his "Zero" video and more, check out a rundown of Breezy's most impressive choreography. Be sure to catch our '#HBD Chris Brown' music block starting Friday morning, May 5 at 8/7c

Chris Brown on Vevo

May 5 marks Chris Brown's birthday and whether you've been a member of Team Breezy from Day 1 or are simply a casual CB follower, we can all agree on one thing: He is an amazing performer.

To celebrate one of the best dancers in pop and R&B today, we compiled (and ranked) our favorite Chris Brown dance moments. See if your favorite Breezy performance or music video made our list.

Be sure to catch our #HBD Chris Brown music block starting Friday morning, May 5 at 8/7c! Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.

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"Look At Me Now" Video - 2011

Brown's self-proclaimed "first rap, rap video" gave fans a taste of his pure hip hop side. Instead of hitting high notes in his 2011 single "Look At Me Now," he dropped cheeky lines and pop-locked over a thumping bass in his ode to the '90s hip hop scene.

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"I Can Transform Ya" - 'Today Show' - 2011

Members of Team Breezy may have raised their eyebrows at Brown's experimental robo-synth sound on "I Can Transform Ya," but the single's aggressive pace proved ideal for the phenom to show off his fancy footwork on a July 2011 performance on The Today Show. Jump to the 1:30 mark for one of Brown's most entertaining routines to date...which ends with The Dougie.

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"With You" & "Take You Down" - 2008 BET Awards

Hands down, one of Brown's sexiest live performances ever. Viewers of the 2008 BET Awards couldn't stop talking about the R&B singer's gyration-filled "Take You Down" number with Ciara, whose own moves practically stole the spotlight.

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"Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" Video - 2009

The follow-up single to Brown's debut hit, "Run It!," "Yo (Excuse Me Miss)" slowed things down, while still showcasing the singer's dance talent. The best part of this video? We get to witness Breezy's suave demeanor before a quick transition at 3:40 into the much fiercer "Gimme That."

9 / 13

"Run It!" - 2007 GRAMMYs

Following breakout success in 2006, Brown performed his debut single “Run It!” at the 49th GRAMMY Awards in February 2007. Needless to say, the performance featured solid choreography throughout, but it was the step intro that really put this performance over the top. Brown and nearly a dozen dancers hypnotized in matching hoodies and boots, putting it down to the sounds of their own stomping, clapping and chanting.

8 / 13

"Gimme That" - 'So You Think You Can Dance' - 2006

As the musical guest on a July 2006 episode of Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance, Brown performed “Gimme That,” the third single off his self-titled debut album. The backup dancers handled the majority of the heavy lifting—until the end. Brown's 30 seconds of krumping was unexpected (krump was just breaking into the mainstream), impressive and a great finale to the performance.

7 / 13

"Loyal" Video - 2014

Despite being entangled in legal drama, Brown never lost his ability to drop a catchy hook and an epic video. In addition to notable verses from Lil Wayne and Tyga, last year's standout hit "Loyal" features a flashy closing dance scene that starts at about 3:20.

6 / 13

Dance Battle - 'Stomp the Yard' - 2007

In his 2007 film debut, Brown had his brief moment to shine before (spoiler alert!) getting shot after an intense dance battle. While Stomp the Yard featured countless dance scenes, it was Breezy's electrifying solo routine (starting at 2:38) that stole the show.

5 / 13

"Zero" Video - 2015

The standout visual from CB's Royalty album was undoubtedly the "Zero" video. Do not miss the moment when Breezy and his boys dance it out on top of washing machines in a laundromat.

4 / 13

"New Flame" Video - 2014

In August 2014 Chris dropped his "New Flame" video (off his X album) featuring Usher and Rick Ross and it's quickly become one of our favorite CB vids. Usher certainly holds his own, but it's Chris' dance sequence (starting at 2:35) that really blows us away. This performance only edged out his Stomp the Yard scene because it includes four other dancers, so Breezy's timing had to be spot on for every slide, jump and stomp.

3 / 13

Medley - 2007 MTV VMAs

Clean transitions, engaging theatrics and amazing energy marked Brown's debut VMAs performance. Just 18 at the time, he dropped a show-stopping dance medley of "Wall to Wall," "Billie Jean" and "Kiss Kiss" that earned him a standing ovation.

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"Yeah 3x" & "Beautiful People" - 2011 MTV VMAs

Not only did Brown dance his ass off the entire way through “Yeah 3x” and “Beautiful People,” he also mixed in Wu-Tang Clan’s “Protect Ya Neck” and incorporated an unexpected remix of Nirvana’s classic “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” He kept the energy high and his moves crisp—and even flew above the audience multiple times. 

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Michael Jackson Tribute - 2010 BET Awards

Almost exactly one year after Michael Jackson’s tragic death, Brown performed a 6-minute medley in tribute of his fallen idol. He takes on some of Jackson’s most iconic dance moves, singing and miming to classics like “The Way You Make Me Feel,” Remember the Time,” “Smooth Criminal” and “Billie Jean.” Brown breaking down in tears during the “Man in the Mirror” finale often overshadows the performance itself, but pay attention to the way he nails almost all of MJ's choreography through to the end.

Be sure to catch our #HBD Chris Brown music block starting Friday morning, May 5 at 8/7c! Find Fuse in your area with our Channel Finder.

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