September 22, 2014


Chris Brown Is Friendly With Rihanna & Drake, Would Collaborate With Both

Noel Vasquez/Getty Image
Noel Vasquez/Getty Image

Chris Brown is back and bigger than ever! His latest album, X, has been growing in popularity, he just released a gorgeous tune with Ariana Grande and now, he's putting his feuds behind him.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, the singer revealed that he is, in fact, friendly with ex-girlfriend Rihanna. "Me and her are friends. We have a great understanding. There's no issues," he explained. "We've been friends. We've known each other for almost 10 years, the same amount of time I've been doing music. I don't think that's ever gonna change… we're friends." He even alluded to a potential collaboration! "If she's working on an album [and] she wants me on a record, she can call. I'll get on the record," he stated. "If I need her on something, it's vice versa. So, that friendship, I think speaks volumes without having to speak."

Brown's other notorious feud, one with rapper Drake, has also come to an end. "For me, it was more of a mature thing… what I portray in my music is all positivity, and who I am as an artist. I try to portray the most positive aspect of who I am and the world in general, because we deal with so much negative on a day to day basis," he revealed when asked about the Canadian rapper. "I never really lived my life having grudges or disliking somebody." Like RiRi, he also opens up the possibility of working together. "His music is amazing… so as far as like the collaboration, I think that's something if the fans want, I think that's something they should get."

Here's hoping!