September 25, 2014


Danity Kane Drop "Rhythm of Love" Ahead of Post-Breakup Album 'DK3'

Danity Kane's comeback has turned out to be rather "Damaged."

Less than four months after returning with the slinky single "Lemonade" (sans original member D. Woods), DK singer Aundrea Fimbres left the group to start a family in May and in-group physical fighting caused them to disband altogether in August.

But before the scuffle, the three remaining members (Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richard and Shannon Bex) recorded an entire album's worth of material. DK3 is a 10-track album which drops on October 28. In advance of the release, the group released the new song "Rhythm of Love."

While past singles like "Showstopper" and "Lemonade" highlighted how Danity Kane had more swagger than your typical girl group, "Rhythm of Love" showcases a new side, as the group embraces EDM. A fizzy, synth-house beat backs the girls as they coo through the verses and harmonize and belt together on the chorus.

With this dance track and the hip hop-leaning "Lemonade," DK3 looks to be a mix of genres and hints at exciting experimentation from the outfit. While the LP will (likely) be the last Danity Kane album ever, we're excited for what's looking to be a super-solid set.