September 11, 2014


Need A Ride? Deadmau5 Will Pick You Up!

@tuckerschreiber on Twitter
@tuckerschreiber on Twitter

Why hail a cab when you can score a ride home from an EDM superstar in a brand new sports car? That's basically what happened in Toronto last night for a few lucky Uber customers when they got picked up by Deadmau5!

Last week, the DJ tweeted that he was signing up to be an Uber driver "for sh-ts and giggles." He actually followed through with it and got his official app-wielding wheels while taking a night off from the decks and the stage in Toronto.

Picking up customers in his brand new McLaren 650S (which he's currently worshipping all over his Instagram account), Deadmau5 squired Uber riders around downtown Toronto and lead a burrito-finding mission or two. (Just check out how stoked this happy customer is above.)

Some people get picked up in town cars, some people get picked up in Toyotas, and some people in Toronto get picked up in McLaren Spiders. We're just wondering who Deadmau5 was blasting on the dial or his iPod while playing driver for a night! (And also what kind of burrito he'd order, but he doesn't strike us as the kind of dude to scarf and drive.)