September 5, 2014


In Defense of Boy Band Underdogs: 10 Members Who Deserve More Love

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Every boy band has that frontman who steals the spotlight album after album. While the Justin Timberlakes and Jordan Knights tally up countless fangirls, their fellow bandmates are unjustly pushed aside and rarely given any credit—or worse, they're utterly forgotten.

From Howie of the Backstreet Boys to Raz B of B2K (yes, there were members who weren't named Omarion), these are the guys whose contributions were always outshined, thanks to either their unconventional looks or simple lack of camera time. We've compiled 10 boy band underdogs who deserve less flak and more love, as they're the ones who help hold their respective groups together.

And without further ado, nostalgia and epiphanies await!

#1Chris Kirkpatrick
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