September 24, 2014


UK Foo Fighters Fans Launch Kickstarter to Bring 'Sonic Highways' to Birmingham

Jim Dyson/Redferns via Getty Images
Jim Dyson/Redferns via Getty Images

Now that's dedication! After fans rallied together and successfully brought the Foo Fighters to Richmond, VA earlier this month, the band's UK fan base is clamoring for Sonic Highways in similar fashion and have launched a campaign that's already bringing in serious funds. 

Through Foo For The Fans - No More Touts, England's Foo fans are hoping to drum up enough interest and funds to book the band while cutting out the middle man and "touts," or scalpers. They're zeroing in on Birmingham, the second largest city in England (and the part of the country responsible for giving the world Ozzy Osbourne). This could change on a dime depending on interest, which has already netted this Kickstarter over £80,000 (or $130,000)—and the campaign was only launched five days ago!

From Foo For The Fans - No More Touts:

We are raising funds to produce a fan funded show within the UK as part of the 2015 tour after the release of Foo Fighters' album Sonic Highways. The aim is for this to be held in Birmingham UK; the venue could change depending on capacity restrictions but will be clearly communicated to all backers prior to any changes. If ALL tickets are backed, we will raise a minimum of £150,000 which at the current exchange rate equates to $245,000 (subject to change). Every penny of this will be going into the project (minus any transaction fees and handling costs generated by creating the event). Every member of the team running the project will be doing so FREE of charge - this is a Not For Profit project.

Could we have a major industry shift and a touring revolution on our hands with the success of these fan-funded concerts? It's a trend to keep an eye on at the very least, but hey: If this works and if the Foo Fighters give the people what they want, this'll be one crowd-pleasing crowdfunding event gone right.

Looking to spread the love and support the cause? From Foo For The Fans is hoping to reach their goal by November 17.