September 17, 2014


Girls' Generation-TTS "Holler" Through High Notes on Bold, Brassy New Single

Two and a half years after their debut single, Girls' Generation-TTS—a splinter trio from K-pop phenoms Girls' Generation—has dropped their new track "Holler." Before we get any deeper into the song we should probably explain where their band mates are, right?

K-pop groups do things a little different than groups do elsewhere with it being totally cool for band members in Korea to go solo or pursue outside projects. That includes something called "sub-units," where members of certain members of a group form to explore different music. It'd be like if Sporty and Ginger Spice decided they wanted to do hip hop music for the Spice Girls. Girls' Generation-TTS is made up of GG members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun, all famous for their huge pipes, so it makes sense that their new single is a huge vocal affair.

Check out the bouncy, horn-heavy pop "Holler" above, with its chorus of high notes you're going to have to really practice to hit. Still, the TTS gals make it sound easy, belting their way through the stirring track.

We suggest taking a listen to the track before you watch its accompanying video because you might get distracted from all the fun outfits (10 costume changes!), hairstyles and antics aside. With more than a million views since its release early this morning, it's clear fans are likely abusing that replay button to take in all the looks.

"Holler" is the title track of TTS' sophomore EP that dropped this week. While it's likely to be a surefire hit in their native Korea, the EP has been in the Top 40 of iTunes here stateside since its release. Interestingly enough, Girls' Generation's Twinkle EP held the record for highest-charting K-pop album in America for almost two years. Could they break it again?