September 18, 2014


Jack White Slams Foo Fighters, Modern Musicians & Rolling Stone

UPDATE: Apparently the Foo Fighters aren't totally pleased with Jack White's comments about their musicianship and have retaliated with an obviously sarcastic tweet. Check it out:

Jack White isn't one to keep quiet when he's upset, and last night at Boston's Fenway Park, White launched into quite the diatribe on modern musicians. 

"Most performers don't use microphones anymore, you know...they don't use microphones that have cords," he began. The attack was directed at the Foo Fighters, who he chastised for playing it safe: the "second guitar player play[s] the same parts I play right here so in case I make a mistake he's still playing it for me." Ouch!

It didn't end there. He then directed his frustrations to Rolling Stone. "Everyone in this whole stadium, please go to tomorrow. They've paid me zero dollars to plug them for tomorrow so make sure they get at least a million clicks," he started. "Brought to you by the Kardashian family,; 15 outfits that will blow your mind that Taylor Swift wore this month,; 10 reasons didn't cover the Newport Folk Festival for fifteen years straight; 12 reasons Rolling Stone won’t put a black and white cover on the cover of their magazine unless you’re dead. Did you know Jann Wenner also owns Us Magazine, the tabloid capital of magazines? Keeping paparazzi alive for more than twenty years, Us Magazine by Jann Wenner! Okay, I'm officially supposed to stop now, because this is becoming a Kanye West-esque rant for because apparently, nowadays, you aren't allowed to speak to your own fans about anything, lest it be a rant."

He concludes, "So forget ISIS, forget the war in the Middle East, forget any problems at home, forget gay marriage, forget everything you ever thought about everything. This not a rant. This is just me saying, Hello Cleveland!"

Check out his comments in full above.