September 15, 2014


Listen to Jennifer Hudson & Iggy Azalea's Groovin' Anthem "He Ain't Goin' Nowhere"

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Getty Images

Based off past performances, Jennifer Hudson's undeniably one of the closest things we have to the disco divas of yesterday. But the Dreamgirl has never made that more convincing than on her new track "He Ain't Goin' Nowhere," which also features rhymestress of the moment Iggy Azalea.

The Pharrell-produced cut has all the signature aspects of music's grooviest era. A walking bass line? Check. Dramatic synth-strings? Yup. Soaring vocals courtesy? Ohhh, yes. JHud offers an empowering chorus, repeating the line "He ain't moving! / Oh, he ain't goin' nowhere!" as the anthem to pacify anxious ladies in relationships. 

While Hudson projects the female-empowerment theme with her disco-diva vocals, Iggy offers a modern-day take on it with a deliciously explicit rap verse. She spits, "What you know about blowin' 'bout 20 racks / Ain't worried bout him comin' back if he goin' out / Got him wrapped round my fingertips / And rock hard every time that he can't get it." He ain't goin' nowhere, indeed.

The funky cut is the latest offering from Jennifer's upcoming JHUD album. Check out what the diva had to say about working with R. Kelly on the LP and the story behind the album title right here.