September 12, 2014


Not Creepy At All: Kendrick Lamar Books Halloween Concert in Bermuda Triangle

Well, it's one way to make sure your Halloween is actually spooky: Kendrick Lamar has booked a performance in the famously mysterious Bermuda Triangle for All Hallows' Eve. 

It's part of a Halloweekend concerts series, put on by Bacardí, called The Bacardí Triangle. A day before K-Dot, Calvin Harris performs on October 30 while Ellie Goulding closes the affair on November 1. According to the promo video above, more than 1,800 concertgoers will be flown to a private island in Puerto Rico within the Triangle. Oh, and there will be bats. Yes, the video also promises "bats will fly." Hey, it is Halloween.

As most know, the Bermuda Triangle (known to some as Devils' Triangle) is an area near the Caribbean Sea where a number of planes and ships are said to have mysteriously disappeared. It has a long history of supernatural (i.e. most likely fake) occurrences, and some claim that it's the site for the lost continent of Atlantis. Supposedly, the water changes odd colors and UFOs are spotted on the regular.

It sounds super fun, but just everyone please be careful! And if you notice any UFOs flying next to you on your way there, speak up.