September 16, 2014


Kiesza's "No Enemiesz" Is Further Proof Her Debut Will Have Us Dancing Like Crazy

She's collaborating with Diplo and Skrillex, she's blowing David Letterman's socks off, and she doesn't even have a record out yet: that's how strong the first couple of tracks featuring Kiesza have been, with "Hideaway" and "Take U There" working their ways into our earbuds (and hearts!) time and time again.

Now, "No Enemiesz," the next single from the electropop singer, is out, and it's just what we expected: another indication that Sound of a Woman is going to be one of the biggest records of the season.

With "No Enemiesz," the life and party-loving mantras we got a taste of with "Hideaway" are back and more positive than ever. "If we could all fall in love together / We'd have no enemiesz" is the dance anthem's all-inclusive chorus, which disintegrates into a beat-heavy frenzy that embraces Kiesza's trademark '90s house vibes.

Listen to the Song of the Day now, and stay tuned in case more Sound of a Woman sneaks get released before the record drops on 10/21!