September 11, 2014


King Tuff's "Headbanger" Is This Week's Most Perfectly Named Rock Song

Things you're likely to find in a music video for a rock 'n' roll act or metal band that inspires some serious headbanging: devils, demons and other discernible ghoulies and ghosties in some capacity, lots of spastic movement and maybe some medieval flourishes, like a sword straight out of a Peter Jackson movie. 

Thankfully, King Tuff's checked all of these off his list for the creepy black and white visual for "Headbanger."

The track, off King Tuff's forthcoming full-length, Black Moon Spell, is just as dizzying as its counterpart, ripe with huge metal riffs and the kind of driving beat that throws you straight into the heart of a mosh pit. The spooky images of a devil dude and his beastly companion playing with swords and freaking out in a parlor go pretty perfectly with the song and the record's cover art, which recalls images of '50s horror flick posters.

Black Moon Spell drops via Sub Pop 9/23. In the meantime, give "Headbanger" a spin, but don't hurt yourself by taking the title too literally!