September 8, 2014


K-Pop Group Ladies' Code in Fatal Car Accident, Members Rise & EunB Dead

ilgan Sports/Multi-Bits via Getty Images
ilgan Sports/Multi-Bits via Getty Images
ilgan Sports/Multi-Bits via Getty Images
ilgan Sports/Multi-Bits via Getty Images

UPDATE (9/8): After being in critical condition for days following a fatal van accident involving Ladies' Code, member Rise died over the weekend. She was 23.

The singer was said to be unconscious for days following the incident that took the life of fellow member EunB on Sept. 3. The Korean-Japanese singer had gone through hours of surgery after severe damage to her head and leg. The phrase "#RIPRise" was the No. 1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter after news broke.

Of the remaining three members SoJung is said to be recovering in the hospital from surgery needed after her major injuries. Members Ashley and Zuny escaped with minor injuries and were seen in tears at the Sept. 5 funeral for EunB.

Original Story (9/3): It's a sad day in the K-pop community. Popular girl group Ladies' Code were involved in a fatal car accident last night. 

According to statements translated by Yahoo! Philippines, the K-pop act was driving in a van that had its back wheel fall off. The vehicle slipped on a rainy road and ran into a guardrail. The incident left member EunB dead. She was 21.

Also in the van were Ladies' Code members Rise and SoJung, who both retained major injuries and will likely need surgery. The 23-year-old Rise was left in critical condition with her final status still unknown.

Choi Soo-Young/Multi-Bits via Getty Images
Choi Soo-Young/Multi-Bits via Getty Images

The other people in the car (including members Ashley, Zuny, plus Ladies' Code's band managers and stylists) were said to only have minor injuries, but are still in shock from the accident.

Upon the news, the worldwide K-pop community paid tribute and sent their condolences via social media. The phrase "#RIPEunB" trended on Facebook and was the most-talked about topic on Twitter for hours. Meanwhile, other phrases like "#PrayForLadiesCode" also trended globally.

K-pop stars like Wonder Girls' Sun, G.NASPICA's Jiwon, U-KISS' Kiseop and many more have sent their condolences via Twitter messages. Read those and more here.

After debuting last year, Ladies' Code quickly rose to popularity on the K-pop scene. The group made their mark with powerful vocals and a throwback sound. The girls earned a big hit with "So Wonderful" (which went Top 20 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100, watch below) and followed up with their latest release, the disco-y "Kiss Kiss."

Footage of the group's last performance with EunB and Rise, recorded just before the accident, has surfaced showing the stars looking happy with their band mates and sending fans a lot of love. Watch that here.