September 22, 2014


Mary J. Blige Stuns With Heartbreaking Single "Whole Damn Year"

Everyone's been there: a particularly vicious break-up ravages your emotional insides, leaving you hurt and searching for answers in the wake of the relationship. Time heals all wounds, supposedly, and bouncing back from a deep love takes plenty of it. Mary J. Blige gets it, and she throws all of that devastation into an enthralling R&B slow jam, "Whole Damn Year."

The chorus alone is an adage anyone who's ever had their heart broken can relate to: "It took a whole damn year to repair my body / It took a whole damn year ... Gon' take a long, long year for me to trust somebody / Gon' take a long, long year / Gon' take a long, long year for me to touch somebody / It's been a bad five years." Feel you, girl. That's just the start of it: "I thought we were heading to heaven / But you're 'bout to take me back to hell." Mary gets real, and real deep, and she somehow wraps up the intricacies of a doomed relationship perfectly in under four minutes.

"Whole Damn Year" is the latest single to drop from The London Sessions, the full-length Mary's been working on across the pond with the likes of UK wunderkind Sam Smith and Disclosure

Listen to "Whole Damn Year" above, but trigger warning: this may hit too close to home if you're in the middle of a bad, baaad break-up.