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11 Must-Read My Chemical Romance Fan Fiction Stories

From the dark and demonic to the sultry and sexy, here are the best MCR flights of fancy from around the 'net!

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My Chemical Romance might be no more, but the fans and their fiction continue. The MCRmy take to the (web)page a bit more creatively than the typical boy band fans—looking at you, 5 Seconds Of Summer's 5SOSfam and One Direction's Directioners. You'll find stories that adopt fictional female personas, develop demonic characters and write from the perspective of Gerard Way. These kids really know how to write a story!

In My Chemical Romance fan fiction, there's plenty of sex, devils, vampires, roses...the stuff gets pretty Twilight-y. So click through to read some excerpts.

And while you're at it, check out the many looks of Gerard Way and test your knowledge of the band with our ultimate My Chemical Romance trivia quiz!

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Special Agent Gerard Way Saves Russian-American Relations

Pressing himself flat against the wall of the house, [Gerard] edged around the corner and looked around, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. He jumped the tall brick wall that separated his house from next door and used a thicket of trees to make his way unseen to the exterior of the house where a large window was. He pressed himself to the wall again and peered around into the window, hand flying to his mouth to stifle a yell.

The sight before him was pure horror. The normally immaculate house was ransacked, and on the floor lay the bloodied bodies of the Queen, King and some of their children. He counted eight Chinese militants standing over their bodies, armed to the teeth with automatic weapons. Another two rifled through a cabinet nearby, no doubt stealing valuables. He forced himself to concentrate on his training and determine how many victims there were, maybe there was a chance there were some survivors. Monika lay on the ground in the doorway, and Alik and Vadem were slumped together against the far wall. It was a bittersweet relief to note Dominika’s absence, maybe he still had a chance to save her.

Read more from A.Zombie's "From Russia With Love" here.

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X-Rated Gerard Way + Frank Iero Romance = Ferard

The day passed pretty quickly and i was soon back in that math class, waiting for Mr. Way to come in. I sat there wondering what he was going to do, or say, he probably hates me now because i didn't listen to him yesterday, sh*t. He walks in and shuts the door behind him. Glancing at me as i hopelessly stare at him, unable to remove my eyes, I watch as he sits down and signals for me to come to the front, I grab a chair and do so.

"Ah, Iero" He says, in a very sexy tone.  I can feel my pants begin to tighten, "Y-yes Mr. Way?" I stammer, trying desperately to hide my boner.

"Did you take in what i told you yesterday?" He says, standing up and walking until he was behind me.

"Y-yes" I mutter. He leans over me and i soon feel his breath on my neck, Which makes me shiver, My d*ck painfully hard now, pressing on my jeans.

"Gooood'' He says slyly, noticing my boner. He places his hands on my shoulders and whispers in my ear, "Now you be a good boy from now on and you wont have to be punished."

I whimpered, I just wanted to kiss him, right now.

"Y-yes, Mr. Way" I stutter, Grabbing the sides of my chair. 

"Now you can go" He says, standing back up and walking round to his desk.

Read the rest of Pie_Chemical-Romance's Fifty Shades of Grey-esq, "Yes, Mr. Way" here!

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Serial Killer Gerard Way

This whole killing thing was taking too long already. I [Gerard] was really getting attached to Frank. I wanted to stab him as many times as possible, I wanted to kill him more than I ever wanted to kill anyone. I wanted to see his blood gush from his wounds as he desperately gasped for air, begging for help and mercy.

Check out the rest of gerard_needs_to_chill's morose "Someone save my soul tonight, please save my soul."

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Frank Iero Gets Bullied

suddenly the grip on my [Frank's] throat dissolved but just to get a elbow slammed right into my throat again making my Adams apple bob up and down while i tried to gulp so i didn't gag.

he snarled at me and with one last push to my shoulder he turned around to face the group that was standing behind him watching with glooming eyes and also a very flustered josh.

i fell to the ground but just to get up a few moment's later before the boys where out of sight. so i ran with full force arms stretch't out in front of me while growling a deep "fred" which made him turn around and i slammed my hands on each side of his shoulder and made his back slam right into one of the many rusty lockers.

i stepped close to a shaking fred. and spoke loud enough so the rest of the group could hear me.

Check out the rest of the rad kid's "ill swear to f*cking santa clause! if you don't tell me how bad i am."

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Fifty Shades Of Way

I did everything I possibly could to get my attention away from [Gerard's love interest] Ivy. Of course, that was impossible, but she doesn't need to know that. I noticed towards the middle of the class, she raised her hand. I was shocked. But I couldn't call on her. Throughout the whole class, I continuously glanced at the clock, praying that time would move faster.

This was all my fault. I shouldn't have kissed her. I know for sure she hates me now, cause every time I glance at her, she's shooting me daggers. Maybe I was being too harsh on her by giving her detention. I let out a quite sigh.

Read Gerard's Unicorn's "Fifty Shades Of Way" here!

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Teen (Love) Dreams

"are you drunk?" He sounded cautious.

"no. I'm not. You're not either, I can tell." I whispered back to him.

I wanted to chew his face off right here, right now and I could tell he did too by the look in his eyes I could only just make out through the light.

"I'm Gerard. Way. I know this is a bit forward but honestly, can I f*cking make out with you now?" I had to say it at some point, there was no way I wasn't leaving with a satisfied sex drive and a new number in my phone.

"go for it" he growled before I pushed myself onto him, and locked our lips together, him holding my waist into his small physique. His hands ran up to my head, and he tugged on my hair which made me want to f*k him right there, right then. I deepened the kiss, accidentally seeming really rough- which I'm not- my friends know I'm the biggest dork on the face of the planet. The darkness gave me confidence.

You'll find the rest of ierosaurus' "i think he likes you, man" here!

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Angels & Demons

I [Frank] sat on my perch, waiting for the young boy to pass by. It was pouring raining, the only thing shielding me being my zipped up hoodie.

My body clock said he would be here soon, I sensed it, felt it in my veins.I looked up and down the street, the beating of a heart ringing in my ears.

Within seconds, the curly brown hair and bright green eyes had walked right in front of me, whistling a tune with his iPod headphones in.

I swooped down, barely catching his attention. I stalked behind him, growing closer with each step. When I was close enough I put a hand on his shoulder. He spun around and that’s when I made my move, my hand dug into his chest, breaking his rib cage, and grabbing hold of his heart. I gripped it tightly and pulled my arm out swiftly.

The boy fell to the floor, a perfect lifeless slump in the middle of a stranded road, a hollow puppet. God’s puppet. The one he had so much planned for. I brought the heart to my lips, kissing it. Blood trickled down my chin.

Find more of darkcloudsform's "Judgement Day" right here.

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Frank Gets Devilish

As the smoke, began to die down, a figure emerged. He was beautiful. His nose and lip were both pierced. His hair was bleached on the sides, while the top remained jet black. Tattoos trailed down his arms, but what was the most enticing were his eyes. His eyes were blacker than anything Caroline has ever seen. But his eyes were glued to Mattie, not even noticing Caroline's presence.

"You called?" The demon [Frank] asked mockingly. 

"More of summoned." Caroline answered with the same mocking tone. His head snapped towards her. He placed a hand under her chin and lifted her face up to meet his.

"Well, well, well, who are you?" he asked.

"The blood in the ritual," she replied as if it were obvious. He giggled; he f*cking giggled.

"You are a mortal? Any normal mortal wouldn't dare to be within miles of me." he said.

"Well I guess I'm not just any normal mortal, now am I?" She sassed back, not even phased by the creature.

Check out more of Bobsbookofcats' "Clever as the devil and twice as pretty."

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Gerard Writes Of A Broken Heart

I've been asked before what depression feels like. I can never properly describe it or explain how everyone deals with it. But to me It felt like multiple things. Like drowning but no one believing you. Like choking but you don't know why. Everyone saw it as poetic they didn't see the lonely girl having her soul eaten by a rabid animal. They didn't see that no one could save me. That no amount of "its fine I love you" could fix me. That I was lost in my mind and eating myself alive. Depression wasn't poetic or pretty. It was sickening. But it was the same thing I felt when I got the call that said that instead of going to the ICU I needed to go to the morgue.

Bleak stuff, right? Read the rest of maydeathgiveyoufeels' "For Every Heart You Break."

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The Fabulous Killjoys

Battery City was silent. Clouds of dust billowed in the still air. Everything was silent. There were no birds singing out. There hadn't been birds for years. Not since before the fires of 2012.

Suddenly, though all the dust and haze, two figures became visible. They [MCR and crew] walked swiftly; ray guns raised high, waiting for anyone to attack. If they dared, that is.

Synthetic Flame stood tall on the left, ray gun pointed out in front of her, her shocking purple hair billowing behind. Beside her stood her good friend and companion, Crimson Pixie whose violently cut black and red hair was tucked inside the mask that covered her eyes. They were beautiful and terrifying, like blood and roses.

They shone through the ashes like searchlights as they made their way through the deserted landscape that was Battery City. They kept their ray guns up even though the city seemed to be deserted.

Without speaking, they made their way around the BL/ind vans that sat in rows along the side of the main building. No one was in sight.

Read more of AlterationLover's "Blood and Roses MCR THE AFTERMATH OF SING" here.

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Realism & Fantasy: Starting with Gerard's Real Life

Gerard Way sat at his computer, his fingers tapping a steady beat on the desk. The opened blog on the official My Chemical Romance website stared back at him blankly. His raised his fingers to type, hovered them over the keyboard, then decided against it and picked up his coffee instead. Sipping, he sat back and shut his eyes. What to write... What to write? The band had been gone for so long now. How could he just jump in and act normal? Two years of nothing. The fans knew about the new album, which was on its way, but when was the last time he'd blogged something important? He'd tweeted over the years, but nothing significant. He frowned. The album. The pit of his stomach churned. That feeling again. That worry that something wasn't quite…right. He frowned further. He hadn't told the guys what he was fretting about inside. Angrily, he slammed the coffee cup down. Bandit jumped in her seat and looked up from her breakfast.

"Da da?" she asked, cocking her head to the side. He sighed and raised himself from the chair.

"Bandit Lee Way. Look at this mess you've made!" he gasped, pointing at her tee-shirt which had milk all over it. Her mouth was covered in flecks of Lucky Charms.

Check out the rest of loki-dokey's "Planteary GO!" here.

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