September 17, 2014


Craving A Demonic Dish? Try Slayer's (Fake) Blood-Spattered Pizza

Photo: John Hurkes
Photo: John Hurkes

Though we're highly, highly doubting that a Minneapolis chef somehow wound up with enough communion wafers to knead some metal-infused dough, we're impressed by the Chef John Hurkes' commitment to a theme with this insane Slayer-inspired pizza.

According to Alternative Press, Slayer's Reign in Blood, the 1986 album that brought the LA metal gods from the Sunset Strip to the mainstream, was the direct inspiration for this work of culinary creation. The record deals with some anti-religious themes, so the fact that altar blood and Satanic vibes inspired the flavor choices for this particular pizza isn't surprising in the least.

Highlights from the description of the Slayer pizza (via Rice and Bread):

- In addition to being made of a dough ground from 350 communion wafers, it was " kneaded together on an altar of sacrifice."

- All of its ingredients (Chopped Fra Mani toscano tomatoes, soppressata, finocchiona, Cypress Grove “Lamb Chopper” cheese, etc.) were made or grown in California, the home of thrash metal.

- Don't worry, that fake blood isn't like the stuff you can pick up at your neighborhood party store or pop-up Halloween costume shop: it's a "torrential altar wine gastrique" (or, basically, a fancy reduction. We're thinking it's balsamic vinegar.)

Even if the pizza is just your standard tomato pie cut into the shape of a pentagram, it's Slayer-approved, so you know it's legit.