September 3, 2014


This Twitter Account Hilariously Reenacts Mark Hoppus' Tweets With Toys

@hoppusscenes on Twitter
@hoppusscenes on Twitter

Twitter has no shortage of comedic gold. (Need we revisit feminist Taylor Swift?) A new internet guru has stepped up the plate, and they're reenacting Mark Hoppus' tweets. Blink-182 fans, now is the time to celebrate!

It's called @HoppusScenes, and the equation is simple: Take a Hoppus tweet, recreate it with toys and then tweet the subsequent image. 

Beginning early last year, @HoppusTweets started grabbing tweets from the bassist (almost everyday!) and turning them into humorous scenes. The topics range from Blink lyrics to Game of Throne references to everything in between. Truly, Mark is in control.

Check out Hoppus Scenes on Twitter, Tumblr and exclusive Hoppus On Music content right here at Fuse.