September 18, 2014


Introducing Vulvatron, GWAR's New, Fantastically Fierce Frontwoman

@vulvatrongwar on instagram
@vulvatrongwar on instagram

Earlier this year, at age 50, GWAR frontman and founder Oderus Urungus (born David Brockie) passed away of a heroin overdose. His death struck a chord with their massive fan base, inspiring the rest of the band to continue with their annual festival, GWAR-B-Q. The metal monsters then opened a restaurant in Urungus' honor and paid their respects in the most GWAR way possible: with a viking funeral. The future of the band became uncertain. Who would carry the (probably bloody) flag? 

A woman! Enter Vulvatron, GWAR's latest addition. 

Rocking huge knockers that sometimes spew blood, Vulvatron is the dread-headed, vicious Viking goddess of dreams. She shares vocal duties with Blothar (aka Mike Bishop) on stage but very much plays the position of a leader.

As Wondering Sound points out, Vulvatron is the first woman to join GWAR since Slymenstra Hymen (born Danielle Stampe) left the band in 2000. This, however, is the first time in the band's thirty year career that they've ever had a female frontperson. Crazy, right?

Vulvatron made her debut at Riot Fest in Chicago and by the looks of it, this badass babe is already kicking butts and taking names. Hell yeah!

Now, go back in time to when Gwar interned at the Fuse office. Watch below: