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Dress Like 5 Seconds of Summer This Halloween

Do you have ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor? Then you're already halfway to having a 5SOS costume ready for Halloween!


Hi or Hey 5 Seconds of Summer fans! Have you memorized every single detail of the sentimental "Amnesia" music video, the fun and flirty "She Looks So Perfect," the out-of-this-world "Don't Stop" and the delightfully delinquent "Good Girls"? We've got good news for you: Recreating those perfectly pop-punk looks as a Halloween costume  is super easy! 

You know each member of 5SOS, frontman Luke Hemmings, guitarist Michael Clifford, bassist Calum Hood and drummer Ashton Irwin, dress somewhat similarly, and you know their personalities come out in the details. Click through this list to find out how to grab the style of each member so you can dazzle your punk rock friends! 

While you're in the 5SOS-mood, take our quiz to find out which member of the band you most identify with and test your knowledge with our ultimate fan quiz! New to the band? Here's everything you need to know.

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Michael Clifford

Ahh, Mr. Clifford, the most distinctive of the bunch! Just take Ariana Grande's word for it! The 18-year-old lead guitarist in 5SOS changes hair color as frequently as the rest of us change our socks, so if you're looking to go full on Mikey this Halloween season, you're going to have to invest in some Manic Panic. Please make sure the bottle is marked "temporary." Even "semi-permanent" has long lasting effects, so unless you're planning on staying Mikey on November 1, check the label!

Like the rest of the boys, Mikey rocks impossibly tight black skinny jeans and solid black Converse All Star high tops, both items that can be found in any store at the mall. Grab a baseball t-shirt and a sharpie and scribble the word "IDIOT" in all caps on your chest. This feeds into his Green Day-esque humor. He's just a dumb kid looking to have a good time, ya know? Throw on a clip-on eyebrow ring (that one's for you, mom), and you're there! For real authenticity, go to a toy store and pick up your very own Daniel—a stuffed lion best friend—just like Clifford himself!

Oh, and if you're going to go for their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle look, Michael is always Michelangelo "the party dude." Duh!

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Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin, aka the dimpled, outgoing one. This drummer is all about the music and making everyone laugh—an admirable trait for someone to possess! Like the others, dressing like Ashton begins with all black Chucks and black skinny jeans.

While all the guys are known to rock band shirts, Ashton's usually act as a head nod to classic rock greats or genre pioneers like Jimi Hendrix and Metallica. If you're feeling especially cheeky, grab an AC/DC shirt. "Highway to Hell" is the song that plays before the guys hit the stage each night and serves as a hat tip to their Australian heritage! These tops can be found online or at Hot Topic.

Irwin isn't one to rock sleeves, so before you pick up that vintage '70s tee make sure you know you're going to be cutting those bad boys off with the closest sharp object you can find (please purchase scissors.) Throw on a bandana and a pair of glasses, and you've got the look.

If you choose to go the TMNT route, Ashton is all Raphael, who is cool but crude!

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Calum Hood

Black jeans, black Converse sneakers. Sensing a pattern here? Calum is something of the quiet genius of the band, calm and collected. It's no wonder that he's also the one who wears Nirvana and Kurt Cobain shirts most frequently, channeling the legendary frontman's unique brand of quiet cool. All of the guys share clothes (or, at least, that seems to be the case), and all are known to rock beanies, but none like Calum. Why hide those beautiful locks, man?

Nirvana shirts can be found at most teen clothing stores at malls, but the most cost-effective move would be to visit your local Walmart or Target. While you're there, consider grabbing a black hoodie—you know, if American Apparel is no where in sight!

Calum's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Donatello, who in the theme song "makes machines." As one of the main 5SOS song writers, we think it's spot on for him!

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Luke Hemmings

Once again, start with the basics! Grab those all black skinny jeans, those all black Chuck Taylor sneakers. You'd think the boys would have some sort of sponsorship by now! That didn't go so well the first time around...

Luke Hemmings is the unofficial heartthrob of the group, the Harry Styles if 5 Seconds of Summer were a boy band and not a band of boys. His style is perhaps the most subtle of the group, often involving all black partnered with a series of rubber bracelets, usually sporting a Blink-182 or Mayday Parade logo. Who doesn't have a black tee in their wardrobe already? Grab one of dad's old flannel shirts (blue or red preferable,) and a snapback hat from Journeys, and you're done. Now that was easy!

Hemmings' TMNT is Leonardo, the defacto leader of the group. Totally true! 

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