October 28, 2014


Katy Perry vs. 5 Seconds of Summer: The Top 40 Battle Is Super Heated

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Round 2 of our Top 40 of 2014 competition is officially underway with 20 videos battling to move onto the next bracket. But the matchup that's sizzling the most? None other than 5 Seconds of Summer vs. last year's Top 40 champion Katy Perry.

Quick Round 1 recap: The 5SOSfam made an epic, last-minute push to beat Paramore fans and successfully move "She Looks So Perfect" onto the current round. Meanwhile, the Katy Kat's votes for "Dark Horse" completely obliterated Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" count. Incredible efforts on both ends.

Round 2 already has thousands of you voting for your favorite, but only one can win—and right now, the Prism pop star's "Horse" is pulling ahead with more than two-thirds of the votes. This round's voting ends next Tuesday, November 4, at 6PM ET, and there's tons of time to rack up votes for both ends. Hurry up and vote here!

And while someone has to lose in this heated rivalry, don't forget about Wild Cards! Even if your artist doesn't win outright, two eliminated artists with the highest number of overall votes from this round will be thrown back into the ring for Round 3. Every vote counts! (Here's a quick explanation of how Wildcards work.)

Is Katy on her way to another victory or will 5SOS ruin her chances? The fate of your favorite artists and videos are in your hands! Round 2 ends Tuesday, November 4, at 6pm ET! Vote now!