October 13, 2014


Chvrches Drop New Track "Richard Pryor" at Austin City Limits Festival

C Flanigan/Getty Images
C Flanigan/Getty Images

For the second weekend of Austin City Limits FestivalChvrches opted to shake up their deafening, danceable set by introducing a totally new track into the mix, "Richard Pryor"—or at least that's what they're calling the new song for the time being.

Why the confusion? "Richard Pryor" is one of the first songs from the new batch to drop since 2013's The Bones of What We Believe, and the single's definitely inspired by famous funnymen as the working title has alternated between "Richard Pryor" and the names of a couple of other notable comedians.

"Gene Wilder" and "Eddie Murphy" have also served as titles for the hypnotizing synth ballad, but "Richard Pryor" isn't a laugh riot in the slightest with its heavy chorus of "We are all just dead air." The Scottish electropop trio could easily rework the title again. In the meantime, we've got audio from ACL Fest and another new single, "Under the Tide," that offer enough to pique our interest and scratch our heads over the comedy connection afoot.

Listen to "Richard Pryor" in full below, and stay tuned for additional details about Chvrches' anticipated sophomore album.