October 9, 2014


Houston Radio Station Switches From All News to All Beyoncé

Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV
Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV

As the industry shifts yet again and traditional media meets hurdles it can't quite jump, outlets are shuttering and the future of print and radio grows more uncertain by the day. Houston's first (and last) all-news radio station shuttered yesterday, but its spot on the dial didn't disappear: 92FM turned into a 24/7 Beyoncé-blasting station shortly after delivering its final broadcast.

It's not unusual for a radio station to swap over to a ceaseless block of music when the DJs and producers turn off the lights behind them, but opting with a Bey broadcast wasn't just a filler move according to Yashima White AsiLove, VP of Communications of Radio One, 92FM's parent company.

"It's what we're doing for right now," AsiLove told Fuse. "We want folks to kind of stay tuned, if you will, and enjoy Beyoncé, Houston's own mega star, because we're in the Houston market." 

It's a natural progression, really: If 92FM is going to hang up their news hats, they may as well dedicate the dial to Houston's biggest pop star (who just happens to proudly call out her H-Town heritage while blasting through "Single Ladies" during her shows).

"I think people have to remember that the organization that owns 92FM is Radio One," she continued. "Our tagline is that we're the urban music specialists. We have 54 radio stations around the country, and they're all urban format. Going to Beyoncé is not a stretch for us. The fact that we're in Houston, we think, who's a megastar here? Who's the community in love with? Who's easy to love? Beyoncé certainly fits the bill."

We'd say so. Though the future remains uncertain for 92FM, its conversion to KROI 92.1 FM and all-Beyoncé programming is their current plan of action without an end date. Listen to Beyoncé on 92.1 here.