October 8, 2014


Korn Are Super Excited About Rock Science, The "Rock Game of The Century"

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Say you're a Korn fan with a penchant for trivia: You know the lineup and its subsequent changes backwards and forwards, you've got their discography down pat, you know how many awards they've won and what crazy outfit Munkee wore in that video that one time,  etc. If you've got room on your phone for another app, good news: You've now got the chance to prove your Korn obsession to anyone who dares to challenge you!

Rock Science is a new genre-specific trivia game that Korn are hyping as "the rock game of the century." The trivia app also includes fan-created questions for the game, which ultimately pits the most knowledgeable Children of the Korn against each other as they try to rack up points for exclusives and prizes. (Maybe Davis called up Drake and Lil Wayne for some gaming pointers before they opted to partner with Rock Science?)

The timing couldn't be better, really: Korn are heading out on the road with Slipknot for a string of dates this fall, and they released the creepy yet empowering video for "Hater" about a month ago. Could we have a new Korn record on our hands in the not-so-distant future? They may be busy lately, but here's hoping they keep up the momentum and deliver some new music before 2015! 

Watch the vid below for more information on Rock Science and Korn's latest endeavor.