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Nicki Minaj "Anaconda" Parodies, Ranked

Who spoofed Nicki's visual dedication to booty the best? Ellen DeGeneres? The 'SNL' cast? A couple YouTube bros in bikinis?

By now, you've definitely seen one...or two...or a couple dozen YouTube videos parodying Nicki Minaj's sensational "Anaconda" video. The bootylicious vid broke the record for most views for a Vevo video in 24 hours and inspired loads of parodies that have gained thousands of views themselves. 

From the professionally shot parodies on Ellen and SNL to those made by YouTube filmmakers, check out our ranking of the best "Anaconda" parodies. Watch the original below and see how the others fared.

8 / 8

Bizarre Diss Track Version

From the sets to the costumes, this parody is the most similar visually to the original "Anaconda" vid, so props for that. The disses are pretty hilarious ("For some reason, there's a gym out in the jungle") and the vid takes a bizarre turn (Sir Mix-a-Lot takes revenge on Nicki for using his sample with a giant snake), but, honestly, we don't like how many times they call Nicki dumb.

7 / 8

Topless Bro Version

Sure there's loads of eye candy, but even the guys admit, "This song makes no sense." 

Strangely, the parody gets rather philosophical when the rapper reflects, "It's sad this is what music has come to." We enjoy the commentary, but uh...wrong place, bro?

6 / 8

Ode to Junk Food Version

A bizarre, explicit ode to junk food sung by a high-school student in a wig who sounds like he inhaled a ton of helium. "I don't need your D 'cause I got Mickey D's," he squeaks. 

Where do kids get this stuff?

5 / 8

"On That Real Ish" Version

Props to this girl for keeping it real about the current booty obsession ("Oh my gosh...we all have butts"), but it all comes off a little too haterific. We do like her suggestion, "Read a book, take a look / Much better than a butt that shook / Might even help you come up with a hook / Smart conversation, learn to cook."

4 / 8


The overtly-sexual nature of "Anaconda"...brought to the old folks home. Somewhat brilliant, somewhat gross—like when the old guy refers to his anaconda as a "salamander." 

3 / 8

"Vintage Bluegrass Hoedown" Version

A "vintage bluegrass hoedown" parody...and the result is just as brilliantly bizarre as you'd expect it to be. 

2 / 8

"Booty Rap" on 'SNL'

SNL fave Aidy Bryant doing an "Anaconda"-esque rap about her "big, fat aaaaaaass." Even when one friend tells her she's "hitting the ass stuff a little too hard," it doesn't stop her. You go, girl.

Extra points for Chris Pratt rapping in this too.

1 / 8

Ellen's "Anaconda" parody

How can you beat Ellen superimposing herself into Nicki's vid? It's hilarious and the comedian is working it...mostly. But even when she isn't, she's laughing right along with you.

This even gets Nicki's stamp of approval, so it wins no matter what. Watch below:

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