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While his music creations have been omnipresent on the radio, Pharrell the fashion trendsetter stepped into the spotlight this year thanks to a particular hat worn at the GRAMMYs. Since rocking the vintage Vivienne Westwood topper, the "Happy" singer has gained mass attention as a style icon, and we have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of these mountie-chic hats this Halloween.

If you want to create the perfect Pharrell costume, we have a few options to easily put the look together. 

Hat - Option No. 1
The first method of creating a signature Pharrell hat can be done with only a handful of office supplies. Check out this pretty spectacular DIY tutorial on how to make Pharrell's topper with just cardboard, paper, tape and scissors.

Hat - Option No. 2
If you don't want to craft your own hat, but you have a couple bucks to spare, here are some options of where to buy one:

-Vivienne Westwood's World’s End Boutique Shop in London: Stop in or order one for about $120.
-Vivienne Westwood Online Store: Order one for $180.
-Arby's HQ: The fast-food chain bought Pharrell's original GRAMMY hat for $44,100 with the money going to charity. 
-Etsy: Similar styles of Pharrell's hat are going for anywhere from $200 to $60 on the handmade arts and craft stores.

Make sure you have an Adidas track jacket with your look too. 

-Pharrell Williams x Adidas Originals: You could pay around $1000 for a piece from the collaborative line.
-Adidas Firebird Track Top: Or you could pay $68 for the brand's classic jacket.

Everything Else
With all your basics covered, you can finish off your look with any kind of T-shirt, jeans and stylish shoes. You can add some bling on your neck or wrist, but keep in mind Pharrell's never too flashy.

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