October 31, 2014


Battle of 'The Voice': Pharrell & Maroon 5 Go Head to Head

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Round 2 of Fuse's Top 40 of 2014! Your valiant voting has paid off and some of your favorite artists have moved on to the next bracket. Twenty of the biggest music videos of the year are now going head-to-head. Who will win? 

One of the biggest (and closest!) competitions is between Pharrell's life-affirming "Happy" and Maroon 5's melodramatic "Maps." Most ironic is that both M5 frontman Adam Levine and Pharrell work well together on The Voice, another show where only one judge reigns supreme. What if one man rules them all? You call the shots. Get to voting!

Even if your favorite doesn't win, they could come back in a wildcard round! Here's the rundown: Two eliminated artists with the highest number of overall votes from this round will be thrown back into the ring for Round 3. Every vote counts! Still confused? Allow us to explain how Wildcards work here.

Check back with Fuse for the latest Top 40 updates and standings. And check out our explanation of how the poll works and how your favorite artists can win before you watch all 40 music videos here!