October 28, 2014


Sinéad O'Connor Goes After Miley (Again) for "Dressing as a Stripper"

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Getty Images

While all seemed quiet from last year's Miley Cyrus vs. Sinéad O'Connor war—which had the Irish singer telling Miley she was being exploited by the music bizCyrus linking O'Connor's rants to mental instability and O'Connor demanding apologies—the "Nothing Compares 2 U" artist has more thoughts after telling us the feud is a "catalyst for discussing mental health."

In a new blog post on her website, O'Connor posted a grainy snapshot that shows Miley performing in one of her controversial costumes chewing on a wad of cash (see above). The post, titled Urgent! Does Anyone Know the Whereabouts of This Girl's Parents?, leads with the opening lines, "Because they appear to be missing in action...no human being on earth would be photographing, filming or watching my child-like looking daughter dressed as a stripper with a load of cash stuck in her mouth."

She continues that Miley does not represent female empowerment, but "the exact opposite." According to the singer, "Along with making a mockery of feminism, the music industry is consciously engaging in the sexualizing of minors via the sexualizing of artists who look like minors and whose audience are minors."

And while O'Connor wrote, "I am not suggesting Miley is consciously engaging in the sexualization of minors," she added it's the result of a music biz that "knows full well what it is doing" and its "under-age [sic] audiences have been given no choice as whether or not they wish to be sexualized before their natural time."

The singer included the zinger, "If you imagine I’m talking bollox [sic] remember no one believed priests were sexualizing minors either."

Hmm. How will Miley respond this time?