October 22, 2014


Can Taylor Swift "Shake Off" Katy Perry's Massive 'Top 40' Lead?

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We knew Katy Perry and Taylor Swift would be duking it out as serious contenders for this year's Top 40 title, but things have taken a surprising twist in just the first round: Katy is currently trouncing Taylor. Big time.

As it stands, Perry's "Dark Horse" is ahead of Swift's "Shake It Off" by a landslide, clinching the vast majority of the votes and showing that fans prefer a killer Cleopatra to adorkable, ever-awkward dance moves. Maybe it's the technicolor eccentricity of Perry's production. Maybe it's the Illuminati conspiracies at work. Hey, maybe people just aren't as into Taylor's twerking attempt as they are Katy's penchant for costume changes. Either way, things are looking good for "Dark Horse" as the Round 1 votes keep rolling in.

This could change in a matter of minutes, though, and that's where YOU come in, Swifties: Taylor isn't out of the race just yet, and she needs your vote! "Dark Horse" is currently channeling its title in a totally victorious way, but there's still time for "Shake It Off" to engineer a come-from-behind victory. Get ready to vote 'til you drop, and be sure to cast your Top 40 ballot by October 27 at 6pm ET in order for it to be counted this round.

Perry, and her devoted KatyCats, are fierce competitors. Last year, "Roar" took the title of the year's No. 1 song thanks to their efforts. If their enthusiasm remains at the level we've seen so far in this year's voting, Perry could win back-to-back Top 40 championships. 

But even if "Dark Horse" prevails against "Shake It Off," fret not, Swifties: There's still a chance that Taylor could return to the competition in Round 3, when the artists who received the most votes but were eliminated re-enter the brackets. Curious about exactly how the Wildcards work in Top 40? Here's a quick explanation.

In the meantime, vote, vote, vote like Taylor shake, shake, shakes!  And don't forget to check out the full list of the Top 40 videos of 2014.