October 8, 2014


Willie Nelson's Braids Fetch $37,000 at Auction

Jeff Vespa/WireImage
Jeff Vespa/WireImage

How much is your hair worth? It's an age-old question most of us will never never get any type of answer to, but Willie Nelson now has a number. 

The country legend's hair was sold for $37,000 at a Phoenix auction. Willie's signature amber-tinged braids were cut off in 1983, or the year before his hair turned white. It was sold in an estate sale for fellow country star Waylon Jennings, who died in 2002.

According to Radio.com, Jennings was given the braids at a 1983 party thrown by Johnny Cash and his wife celebrating Jennings commitment to sobriety. And you know what they say: Nothing says "Congrats" like the protein filaments that grow from your head!

It hasn't been revealed who bought the famous braids, but we're dying to know what they're planning to do with them. Might we suggest a fashionable rope-braid crown?

All in all, it shows that there really is nothing like a dedicated music fan out there. They sew selfie pillowsdesign sexually dominating pins and pay tens of thousands of dollars to own a part of music history

We get it and we support it.