December 4, 2014


AC/DC's Phil Rudd Remanded For Threatening Witness

Joel Ford/Getty Images
Joel Ford/Getty Images

UPDATE (12/4): Phil Rudd caught a break and is no longer facing charges for plotting a murder (see below), but he is lashing out against witnesses in the case—and a recent run-in landed him back in jail. After a brief altercation with his former security guard in a Tauranga coffee shop, Rudd was remanded and then released on bail. He'll be heading back into court on February 10.

UPDATE (11/7): After appearing in court, Phil Rudd is no longer facing charges for hiring a hitman to kill two people according to New Zealand media. The AC/DC drummer is still accused of attempted murder and drug possession, but the hitman-hiring charge—considered the most serious of the lot, according to Billboard— has been dropped. The rocker's lawyer added a statement that the drug charges were "minor."

Original Story (11/6): AC/DC have a record coming out in December, but their drummer may be a little tied up with other plans in the weeks leading up to its release. Or, technically, locked up.

Drummer Phil Rudd was brought in on multiple charges in New Zealand involving methamphetamine, cannabis and attempted murder. Rudd, who resides in Tauranga, New Zealand, was charged with "attempting to procure [the] murder" of two men and hiring a hit man to carry the murders out, as well as methamphetamine and cannabis possession. 

At the time of his arrest, Rudd didn't enter a plea and made bail. He was apparently barefoot for the proceedings.

As for AC/DC, it seems like they're learning about Rudd's legal matters alongside everyone else. The band took to their Facebook page to issue an official statement, offering no comment beyond "Phil’s absence will not affect the release of our new album Rock or Bust and upcoming tour next year."