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10 Best Holiday Gifts for Metal Fans

From artist-approved guitars to artist-endorsed adult beverages, here are the best holiday gifts for metal heads

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Gibson Lzzy Hale Explorer

So many rock gods have their own signature guitars. What about the rock goddesses? Lzzy Hale from Halestorm gets Gibson’s full attention with her very own Explorer model. It comes in a striking Alpine White with gold touches and 57 Classic and Classic Plus pickups. Impressive, but still not as hot as Lzzy herself.
Cost: $2,299
Available at: Guitar Center

2 / 10

Motörhead Vödka

Drink just like Lemmy! Actually, on second thought don’t, because you’ll die. But you can drink the same vodka that he does. Imported from Malmköping, Sweden, if this were one of those other Swedish vodkas, we’d call it absolute destruction!
Cost: £33 (+£30 Shipping)
Available at: TheWhiskyExchange.com

3 / 10

'Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal'

Authors Jon Wiederhorn and Katherine Turman poll more than 250 metal artists (everyone from members of Pantera to Black Sabbath to Megadeth to Spinal Tap!), friends, family and fans to create a book that explores every aspect of the genre. That’s pretty metal.
Cost: $22
Available at: Amazon.com

4 / 10

'Lamb of God: As the Palaces Burn' DVD

Lamb of God lead singer Randy Blythe has had a hell of a few years. Since his acquittal of manslaughter charges in the Czech Republic (a 19-year-old fan was killed during a 2010 concert), the band has gone on hiatus. This stunning documentary chronicles the arrest of Blythe and the LOG faithful who stood by the musician.
Cost: $20
Available at: Amazon.com

5 / 10

Horny for Blood Beer From 3 Floyds Brewing

The latest collaboration between 3 Floyds and Virginia thrash metal band Municipal Waste is a 9% ABV oatmeal stout that has been aged in bourbon barrels and finished with cacao nibs. Oooh, that is arousing. Unfortunately it’s only available if you live in IN, IL, KY, WI and OH. Buzz killer!
Cost: TBD
Available at: Head to 3Floyds.com for a complete list of retailers

6 / 10

'Super Duper Alice Cooper'

So how did the mild-mannered son of a preacher become one of the most terrifying artists of the 1970s? Trace Vincent Furnier’s path as he puts on the eye makeup and becomes the rock spectacle of your nightmares!
Cost: $15
Available at: Amazon.com

7 / 10

Lars Ulrich "Scary Guy" Light Drum Sticks

Become a monster behind the drum kit with Lars’ signature sticks. The lightweight-but-sturdy sticks are a cross between Ahead’s 5B and 2B models (for those actual drummers out there). Now you can play until you’ve mastered “Master of Puppets.”
Cost: $33
Available at: Guitar Center

8 / 10

Nagual de la NAGA From Caduceus Cellars

If you’ve seen the documentary Blood Into Wine, you know that Maynard James Keenan is more than just the frontman of Tool—he’s a dedicated winemaker. The Nagual de la NAGA at his Caduceus Cellars is a table red that's a bit complex and bursting with cherries. Like Maynard? 
Cost: $50/750ml
Available at: Caduceus.org

9 / 10

Dave Brockie Tribute T-Shirt

The late GWAR frontman was one of the finest that the planet Scumdogia ever produced. Pay homage to the man behind Oderus Urungus with this commemorative t-shirt. Proceeds benefit the Dave Brockie Foundation, which aids musically-inclined human scum.
Cost: $26
Available at: Gwar.net

10 / 10

Ghost Saint Candle

Pray to Papa Emeritus, you nameless ghoul! The Swedish goth metal band (that makes us leave the lights on at night) has the perfect piece of merch for those that worship at the alter of Ghost. Now go look in the bathroom mirror and say his name three times. Uh oh…our pants feel warm.
Cost: $13
Available at: Shop.GhostOfficial.com

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