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29 Best Holiday Gifts For Music Lovers

From mixtape pillows to Katy Perry lunchboxes, here are the greatest gift ideas for loved ones who love music

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Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol. 1 Cassette

Let the Avengers have their fancy Stark Enterprise toys. It only took Star Lord’s walkman and his “Awesome Mix Vol. 1” to save the universe. Get the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack that features The Jackson 5, Blue Swede, Marvin Gaye and more of the greatest hits of the '60s and 70s on the format the mix was meant to be played on...an actual cassette tape.
Cost: TBA
Available at: This is a Record Store Day promotion available November 28 at participating record stores

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Taylor Swift '1989' Hair Ties

Before you “shake, shake, shake…shake it off” you better do up your ponytail with one of these official Taylor Swift “1989” hair ties. (Also, no guarantees that it won’t literally shake off.)
Cost: $10
Available at: TaylorSwift.com

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Orbit Turntable

With an acrylic platter and precision cartridge, this turntable is a serious upgrade in both sound and style from whatever second-hand record player you’re spinning right now. Some may prefer a more retro-feel, but this is for crate diggers who believe vinyl is the way of the future.
Cost: $299
Available at: UturnAudio.com

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Katy Perry Junglescope Metal Lunchbox

Nothing turns a lunchroom full of prepubescent boys into men faster than Katy Perry swinging from a vine in a cheetah-print bikini. 
Cost: $35
Available at: Shop.KatyPerry.BravadoUSA.com

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Beyonce 'Rise' Perfume

As the perfume's website makes clear: "Beyonce believes a woman’s power comes from within and when a woman connects with her very essence, she revels in her individuality, her strength and her beauty." (A woman’s essence, incidentally, smells like orchids and apricots.)
Cost: $30
Available at: Target

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Bob Dylan, 'The Basement Tapes Complete: The Bootleg Series Vol. 11 Deluxe Edition'

The legendary prize for any Dylanologist (that’s one who studies Bob Dylan) used to be a complete set of 1965-66 sessions with The Band in Saugerties, NY. Now, for the first time in more than 40 years, all 167 tracks are on 6 CDs and in high quality audio. Sorry you wasted all that time Dylanologists.
Cost: $120
Available at: Amazon.com

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Wu-Tang Clan, 'A Better Tomorrow'

After two years and a lot of in-fighting, we’re finally getting new Wu. The back-to-basics album features all of the pioneering members (minus ODB, RIP). As RZA told journalists at a listening party in NYC, “It’s a very lyrical album—a lot of stories and vignettes of stories you’ll hear. And I think you’ll get a taste of New York flavor.” Tastes...raw.
Cost: $19
Available at: Amazon.com

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Jennifer Lopez, 'True Love'

Jennifer Lopez once proclaimed “I’m real.” In her first autobiography, Lopez wears her heart on her sleeve and vies for an Oprah endorsement with this tale of struggle and inner strength. And no, we’re not talking about her years as a Fly Girl on In Living Color.
Cost: $30
Available at: Amazon.com

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Wearhaus Arc Wireless Headphones

Wirelessly connect these headphones and share what you’re listening to with your friends. Discover new music. Start your own silent rave. Then freak everyone out by listening to Skinny Puppy on repeat!
Cost: $200
Available at: Wearhaus.com

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Iggy Azalea Tattoos

Iggy Azalea’s temporary tattoos are for commitment-phobic Azaleans who want the rapper’s swagger to literally rub off on them. Now go out there and let your friends and family know that you have a “Superior Pu$$y.”
Cost: $10 
Available at: IggyAzalea.com

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David Guetta, 'Listen'

Your Christmas party needs less Frosty and more Guetta. When everyone has had too much eggnog, do them a favor and take the holiday standards off the stereo and throw on the EDM heavyweight’s latest album. It features John LegendSiaNicki Minaj and Afrojack. Don’t let that mistletoe get out of control, son!
Cost: $14
Available at: Amazon.com

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Personalized Mixtape Pillow

A mixtape is something that people who were born before 1990 used as a token of affection. Rekindle this ancient tradition with a customizable pillow. It’s the gift that says, “I think you’re far out, and I'm ready to go steady.” 
Cost: $58
Available at: UncommonGoods.com

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5 Seconds of Summer Football Shirt

Who is your favorite 5SOS member? Michael? Luke? Calum? Ashton? (Obviously it’s Luke). Now you can wear your fave with these customized football shirts. And if your last name is also Hemmings—bonus!
Cost: $30
Available at: 5SecondsofSummer.Shop.Bravadousa.com

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'Rock Covers'

Get deep with some of the most recognizable cover art on the planet. This is the ink and paper equivalent of that scene in Almost Famous where William Miller discovers his sister’s record collection. (This book is a golden god!)
Cost: $70
Available at: Amazon.com

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Creative Roar Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Big sound and big features make up for the fact that this speaker looks like a black box. The bass is bombastic, and a cool sleep mode feature gradually lowers the volume and shuts itself off. That means we can lull ourselves into a gentle Nicki Minaj-thumping slumber.
Cost: $150
Available at: Creative.com

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Bruce Springsteen, 'The Album Collection Vol. 1, 1973-1984'

Do you need the bossest collection of Boss albums? This career spanning Bruce Springsteen box set includes his first seven albums with their original cover art, including Welcome to Asbury Park, Born to Run, oh, and a little record called Born in the U.S.A. which was remastered for the first time on CD. *Tying head band while fist pumping*
Cost: $80
Available at: Amazon.com

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Billy Idol, 'Dancing With Myself'

Even if you didn’t live through the Billy Idol years (sneering at us from something called MTV), you’ll find this autobiography a fascinating cautionary tale. Put this one up on the shelf next to Keith Richards’ Life and Mötley Crüe’s The Dirt.
Cost: $28
Available at: Amazon.com

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Charli XCX Lip Balm

Angels, Boom Clap…but don’t chap! During the winter months, pack some Charli XCX approved “Sucker” lip balm. 
Cost: £5
Available at: CharlieXCX.SandbagHQ.com

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The Flaming Lips, 'With a Little Help From My Fwends'

The Flaming Lips out-psychadeliced The Beatles already legendarily trippy Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band with this track-for-track tribute. Listen to “fwends” Moby and Miley Cyrus sing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” as the bright orange record spins like a marmalade sky.
Cost: $22
Available at: Store.FlamingLips.com

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'Transformer: The Complete Lou Reed Story'

It’s been a year since the passing of the seminal Velvet Underground singer, and author Victor Bockris paints a picture of the man that stands up to the rock myth.
Cost: $16
Available at: Amazon.com

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'Kurt Cobain: The Last Session'

Photographer Jesse Frohman had the privilege of documenting the Nirvana frontman’s last official shoot in August 1993. Less than a year later, Cobain would be found dead from a self-inflicted shotgun wound. These 90 haunting images capture an artist who was both at the height of his fame—and totally removed from it.
Cost: $45
Available at: Amazon.com

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Pitbull, 'Globalization'

With millions and millions of records sold, there’s no denying Mr. 305. In his follow-up to the platinum hit Global WarmingPitbull enlists Jennifer LopezChris BrownSean Paul and Jason Derulo to continue his quest for worldwide domination…of the club. 
Cost: $12
Available at: Amazon.com  

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EarthQuaker Afterneath Effects Pedal

The Afterneath is just the latest in EarthQuaker’s line of handmade guitar effects pedals, but anything they put out is top notch. Feel like a rock god in your garage (or rec room or basement or storage locker) with Afterneath’s serious head-scrambling reverb. 
Cost: $225
Available at: Guitar Center

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One Direction, 'Four' Deluxe Edition

Like Led Zeppelin, Blues Traveler or Huey Lewis and the News, the lads of One Direction have titled their latest album Four. We recommend getting the deluxe edition—because why have 12 tracks when you can have 16?
Cost: $22
Available at: OneDirectionStore.com

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'Modest Mouse: 1992-2010'

Friend and photographer Pat Graham captured 18 years of Modest Mouse history. From the early days of roaming around in a van, to the recent incarnation with guitarist Johnny Marr, Graham finds the candor in the Issaquah, WA band that hung on the fringes of the '90s alternative scene. 
Cost: $30
Available at: Amazon.com

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Blake Shelton License Plate

Affix Blake Shelton’s colorful “Kiss My Country Ass” licence plate to any motor vehicle you want immediately pulled over and searched by the state police.
Cost: $15
Available at: BlakeShelton.com

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The Smashing Pumpkins, 'Monuments for an Elegy'

The next step in Billy Corgan’s (ahem, we mean The Smashing Pumpkins) continuing “Teargarden by Kaleidyscope” cycling album project, Elegy is rumored to feature former Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee behind the kit. We believe the phrase you’re looking for is, “Why?”
Cost: $12
Available at: Amazon.com

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Beyonce Platinum Edition Box Set

Throw out all of your Beyonce albums. We’ll wait. Done? Now pick up the ultimate collection of Bey songs that contains six new tracks (well, four remixed tracks and two new ones). It’s no October Surprise, but it does come with all of her music videos and a 2015 mini Calendar. (Now every day can be Bey Day!)
Cost: $29
Available at: Best Buy

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Singtrix Karaoke Machine Party Bundle Package

Use the same technology that makes your favorite artists sound like competent singers. Singtrix is a karaoke party in a box that comes with an effects console, speaker, microphone, mic stand and more than 90 effects. Now nobody can make you stop believin’!
Cost: $350
Available at: Singtrix.com

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