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13 Best Tech Gifts For Music Fans

From headphones that record video to speakers that float in mid-air, here are the greatest music gadgets available this holiday season

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SoundSight Headphones

SoundSight touts itself as Beats meets GoPro meets Instagram. Quick question: Can we be in on this meeting? The SoundSight headphones don't just play music, they also record video through a camera mounted near your ear. Then edit the video with the app, add a soundtrack and share with the world. Google Glass, why you gotta be such a nerd?
Cost: $499
Available at: SoundSightHeadphones.com

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McIntosh Labs MT5 Turntable

Audiophiles, bow down. The MT5 is about as close to a perfect vinyl-spinning specimen as you’re likely to find. As the great Ferris Bueller once said, “If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It’s so choice.”
Cost: $5,000
Available at: See Retailer List

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Marshall Stanmore Portable Speaker

Just call this a mini Marshall stack. This Bluetooth speaker has all of the retro details that go into the legendary guitar amps, including analog knobs, switches and, of course, the most important part—plenty of raw amplifying power.
Cost: $150
Available at: Marshall

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Powerbeats2 Wireless Headphones

The days of being like Mike are gone. Now we all want to listen like LeBron. Beats’ latest wireless headphones are sweat and water resistant with about six hours of playback. Surely these are the earbuds that will pump up King James for Game 5 of the 2015 NBA Finals against the OKC Thunder (or so our bookie tells us).
Cost: $200
Available at: Apple Store

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Pono Music Player

Neil Young’s distaste for low sample rates spawned this high-fidelity, Toblerone-looking device. Crisp 192Khz/24 megabit audio should sound exactly the same way to your ears as it does coming out of the mixing board in a multi-million dollar studio. 
Cost: $400
Available at: Ponomusic.com

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DJ Connect

Hey Mr. DJ, pre-cue that song! Whether you’re on your Macbook or iPhone, DJ Connect allows you to cue up and beat mix tracks with zero DJ skills. The “djay” software has access to the entire Spotify library, which can be mixed seamlessly and output via RCA cable to any stereo system. (They call that pulling a “Paris” in the industry.)
Cost: $100
Available at: Amazon.com

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Tidal Hi-Fi Music Streaming Service

Spotify. Rdio. Pandora. All fine for the hard of hearing. But for those who crave a luxury listening experience, Tidal delivers lossless sound quality, curated high definition music videos and some expert music recs. It’s like having a music library that smells of rich mahogany. 
Cost: $20/month
Available at: Tidal Hi-Fi

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OM/ONE Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

Since we’re finally getting the hoverboards that were promised in Back to the Future Part II, this is a nice compliment. What other home audio accessory screams, “I live in the future!”? Yes, it sounds good. And it doubles as a microphone for phone calls. Plus, plus...it f*cking floats!
Cost: $199
Available at: Omone.com

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Yeti USB Microphone

Macbook? Check. GarageBand? Check. Quality microphone to record your demo? Yeti’s USB mic allows amateur musicians to put out professional sounding recordings, with multiple directional input to record everything from live shows to solo vocal performances. 
Cost: $150
Available at: Amazon.com

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Moto Stream BT Hub

With the Moto Stream Bluetooth hub, you can share the party playlist duties with up to five of your friends (or sworn musical enemies). Don’t like a track somebody is playing? Swap it out with “heist” mode. Still having issues with your fellow DJs? Breakdance fight.
Cost: $50
Available at: Amazon.com

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Gramofon Wifi Music Hub

Like the Moto Stream, this device also allows you to stream music into your home stereo system. Gramofone integrates well with the Spotify subscription you already have. And it operates via wifi—not Bluetooth—so you can listen anywhere in your home where you get a signal. Yes, even the bathroom.
Cost: $69
Available at: Gramofon.com

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Bowers & Wilkins Bluetooth Speaker

One more entry to the portable music game. Bowers and Wilkins’ T7 offering is the kind of quality you’d expect from the speaker experts, in a convenient case. Unlike some of our other favorite portable speakers, this one fits in almost anywhere in your home. It keeps things classy like that.
Cost: $350
Available at: Amazon.com

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PSB M4U 1 Headphones

What good is all of this crazy high-fidelity music if you don’t have headphones that are up to the task? PSB’s M4U 1 headphones may not have the name recognition of Beats (or Sony or Sennheiser or Bose or...you get the picture), but they are the top pick for serious stereophiles and a favorite of CES and the gurus at The Wirecutter.
Cost: $300
Available at: Amazon.com

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