November 7, 2014


Fall Out Boy & Lupe Fiasco Craft Rock-Rap Anthem for the Chicago Bulls

Two of Chicago's finest musical outputs have come together to craft a new anthem for their legendary basketball team, the Chicago Bulls. Fall Out Boy and Lupe Fiasco have remade the NBA team's theme song "Only the Bulls" (originally released in 1996 with a cheesy, choir-like theme) into a pumped-up mashup of rock and rap.

Centered around Patrick Stump's hair-raising high notes, FOB brings an anthemic chorus that sounds more like a call to battle. Meanwhile, Lupe calls out the team's NBA achievements (like when they won six championships, with two three-peats, in the '90s) and drops anecdotes Chi-town natives will love ("You ain't got horns, you gotta dress warm / It really gets chilly in the city in the winter").

Longtime FOB fans will recall that this isn't the first time the Chicago stars have teamed up to show their love for America's third-largest city: Stump's breakout solo single "This City" was an ode to Chi-town and featured Fiasco.

"Only the Bulls" is the latest offbeat offering from the band after their exotic-sounding "Immortals" and EDM track "Back to Earth." While we're enjoying the experimentation, we're also not-so-patiently awaiting another FOB full-length.