November 5, 2014


You Can Now Buy Miley Cyrus' Plastic "Hillbilly" Teeth

Kevin Mazur/WireImage
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

There were a lot of memorable looks from Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour: The red leather chaps, the stuffed-pillow boobs, the Cannabis-inspired one-piece. But the most bizarre fashion statement might have been when the star popped in a pair of fake, hillbilly-esque plastic teeth and simulated performing fellatio on a dancer with a Bill Clinton mask. (You can't make this stuff up, people.)

But fret not if you were feeling left out on the fun: You can get your very own Miley-approved chompers.

Teaming up with Billy-Bob Products (who also sell fake mullets, pacifiers and other costume accessories), the starlet has crafted her very own Miley-Bob Teeth. According to the site, "Each set of officially licenced [sic] Miley-Bob Teeth is pulled from an assortment of Miley's favorite designs and come with a special Miley-Bob insert card."

There are four different styles, but when you order one (for $11.99), you won't find out until it arrives whether you got the the one with a cavity on the big tooth, the one with only four teeth or the other two ridiculous pairs of not-so-pearly whites.

Check out the Miley-Bob Teeth right here. Will the set be the must-have holiday gift this year?