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Meet One Direction's Backing Band

Take a longer look at the men who support 1D and shred like rock stars alongside the world's biggest boy band!

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Josh Devine (Drums)

@joshdevinedrums on instagram

The foundation of a solid band is some strong percussion, and 23-year-old old Brit Josh Devine has been drumming for One Direction for a couple of years now. He's become quite the celebrity to Directioners in the process, and his beats have plenty to do with that!

He started drumming as a child, inspired by his father who played in the '80s rock band Seven. Diehard 1D fans often approach Josh for photos, he has over 3 million followers on Twitter and even appears in the music video for "Live While We're Young." It doesn't hurt that he's a total heartthrob! 

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Jon Shone (Music Director/Keys)

@JonShone on instagram

Music Director for One Direction doesn't sound like a bad gig, right? Jon Shone started as a piano teacher in North London, later working with acts like Marina & the DiamondsKaty Perry, Bryan Adams and Olly Murs. He spent some time searching for gigs when he heard of a new boy band that recently lost X-Factor. As the legend goes, he was mowing a lawn when he got the call from 1D's management saying they wanted him for the MD gig. His Twitter count has hit six digits: 383k. Impressive stuff!

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Sandy Beales (Bass)

@sandybeales on instagram

Sandy Beales is newer to the band, so he only has 679,000 Twitter followers. (We use "only" loosely here.) He joined the 1D crew in 2011 but has been playing bass for nearly a decade.

He doubles as a studio musician, and there's value in his eclecticism! "I think for becoming a diverse player it’s important to listen to a wide range of music and absorb as much as possible in order to bring an authentic bass sound to whatever genre or artist you are working with," Beales told No Treble in an interview. "Transcribing bass lines is great for this – really getting to learn about the note choices and rhythms that are used in certain styles of music. Also becoming familiar with the different kinds of basses is important, be it upright, fretless, acoustic or synth. If there is a certain sound that will fit well with a track and you can turn up and deliver it, everyone will be happy. I used to play a lot of upright bass for artists and my first national TV appearance was on upright."

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Dan Richards (Guitar)

Kevin Mazur/OneD/Getty Images

Dan Richards also joined the 1D crew in 2011 beginning with their massive UK arena tour. When he isn't shredding live, he's in the studio with One Direction. Unlike the other members of their band, he can be found on the deluxe edition of the band's debut album Up All Night playing an acoustic version of "One Thing." 

After Josh Devine, Richards is easily the Directioners' preferred band member. (We think it might have something to do with those Ryan Seacrest-esque good looks.) He has something like 700,000 Twitter followers and a couple thousands fans on Instagram. In an interview with Metro, Richards explained his and the rest of the backing band's fame: "We get recognized too but it really depends what country we’re in, I’d say. I think people in America often seem to know who we are a bit more than other places, I don’t know why." He's being modest, but we definitely know why!

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