November 20, 2014


Watch a One Direction Song Soothe a Crying Baby

Is there anything One Direction can't do? They've helped a man propose to his girlfriend; They've proposed to fans themselves. They've stopped fans from getting crushed at their gigs, they've consoled fans post-breakup, they've visited sick fans in the hospital—the list goes on and on. All that and, you know, possessing the collective voice of a thousand perfect angels, these guys can add "ultimate babysitting aid" to the repertoire. 

In a viral Vine, user Aileen Cavazos shares that her baby girl will only stop crying when she hears One Direction. The tune has to be "Stockholm Syndrome," the Tears for Fears-channeling non-single from the band's latest album, FOUR

In the clip, the child wails until she hears that familiar Harry Styles coo of "Baby look what you've done to me" in the song's chorus. The irony isn't lost on us!

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