November 1, 2014


OutKast End Reunion Tour on High Note at Voodoo Music Fest 2014

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

Since its kickoff at Coachella in AprilOutKast's festival-hopping reunion tour has secured its place in modern-day music history. While the trek's opening date in Indo, California came complete with special guests and propsBig Boi and Andre 3000 kept things relatively low-key for their closing date at Voodoo Music Experience 2014.

Staring five minutes behind schedule, OutKast seemed to have the entire Voodoo Day 1 crowd awaiting their grand arrival. Big Boi hit the stage wearing a red bandanna, blinging silver chain and a colorful sports jacket with the word "STANKONIA" plastered on the front. (The duo later pointed out that October 31 was also the 14-year anniversary of the day their hugely successful Stankonia album dropped.) Meanwhile, Andre came decked out in what has become his signature look this year: snow-white wig, white sunglasses and a puffy, black jumpsuit with some type of wise or witty phrase on it. Tonight's read: "i don't know what else to say."

OutKast mostly kept to the same set they've been toting across the country—though, the addition of "Dracula's Wedding" would have been very Halloween-appropirate—with a crowd that seemed super turned up for it all. Things kicked off with classic tracks like "B.O.B," "ATLiens" and "Skew It on the Bar-B." While there wasn't a ton of direct interaction between the two, the constant smiles they kept flashing at both each other and the audience proved the guys were more than enjoying themselves.

One special guest did make his way out: None other than Sleepy Brown, a member of OutKast's longtime producers Organized Noize. Brown laid down his silky vocals for four songs, including his and Big Boi's No. 1 hit "The Way You Move," which came during the MC's three-song solo portion.

In the middle of thanking the crowd for sticking with them for 20 years, Andre told the fans, "We're gon' talk y'all to death." But the audience interactions were also kept relatively minimal—except when Andre brought out a gaggle of costume-clad females to "shake it like a Polaroid picture" for "Hey Ya!" during his three-song solo set.

The duo's more "recent" hits (like 2000's "Ms. Jackson" and 2004's "Roses") elicited the biggest responses from the crowd, but even with the extra cheers the guys kept the focus on their performance and no over-the-top speeches, flashing of the skin or stage dives. It was appropriate for an act who has not only stayed relevant and adored by simply making good music, but also for not making music if the inspiration just isn't there. OutKast was never dependent on money or trends; OutKast always originated the next trend and found huge success in doing so. There was no need for Andre and Big Boi to shove their legacy in the audience's face, everyone knew this was an incredible musical experience, even when you consider the duo haven't released music together in over half a decade.

OutKast turning this reunion tour into a full-fledged musical comeback seems unlikely—Andre recently told Billboard there are "no plans" for a new OutKast album—but even if it doesn't happen this time, the quick hug that Andre and Big Boi shared at the very end of the set, as the Voodoo stage lights started dimming, seemed to prove that their brotherly bond is as strong as ever. A 59-date festival tour was a big undertaking, and hopefully it won't be too long before the guys begin scheming their next journey.

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