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8 Sweetest One Direction Fan Interactions

The biggest boy band in the world are more than just talented musicians...they're also good to their Directioners

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When they helped a man propose to his girlfriend

Past relationships aside (coughTaylor Swift, cough), One Direction are dedicated to making other's romantic dreams come true.

Bradley Chisenhall of Foley, Alabama tweeted at each member of 1D on September 30, begging the British babes to help him propose to his girlfriend. When the Directioners got wind of Chisenhall's request, they got the hashtag #1Dproposal trending worldwide. One tweet became thousands, and the band quickly took note. At the Atlanta date of their Where We Are Tour, Harry Styles stopped the concert to announce, "I have a friend here tonight. He's called Bradley. There he is," and he pointed towards the couple in the audience. Bradley proposed, and his girlfriend said yes! That's what makes them beautiful, huh?

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When Harry proposed to a fan wearing a wedding dress

Sometimes a false proposal is just as powerful as a real one! At a concert this summer in Philadelphia, a tween named Priya Thakker showed up in a wedding dress—which is a ballsy move. Somehow the band found out. "I heard there was a girl here in a wedding dress. Is there a girl here in a wedding dress?" Styles asked the crowd. "I feel bad letting this go to waste." He located the girl, asked her for her name and popped the question: "Priya, will you marry me?" Of course she shrieked with joy, and her life is now totally perfect and everything is wonderful.

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When Harry stopped a fan from getting crushed

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is no stranger to helping fans out. When you're as gorgeous as he is (please, don't get us started), fans flock to you in the hundreds, and there's a serious danger of getting trampled. Styles doesn't even have to be out and about; this happens every night at their concerts, when kids ram their bodies against the barricade to get as close as humanly possible to the British babes.

At a concert in São Paulo earlier this year, Harry whistled at a security guard to assist a young woman who was getting pummeled. Where would she be without him? Watch the heroic move above.

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The second time Harry stopped a fan from getting crushed

See what we mean? Here Harry is just minding his own business, shopping in SoHo. At this point, the guy can't go anywhere without being recognized, photographed and well...gravitated towards. Watch above as a girl falls amid a crush of other crazed fans and paparazzi. Harry immediately comes to her aid. We're just surprised she didn't faint after his embrace!

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When he consoled a recently dumped fan

Another Harry-ism, another show antic. At a June gig in Edinburgh, Scotland, Styles spotted a distressed woman in the audience and decided to give her some real advice. "There’s a sign there, 'Just Been Dumped.' Why?," he asked the woman in the crowd. She yelled back, "Because I came here!" Harry replied, "Ah, he doesn’t like us. You don’t want a boyfriend like that anyway. You don’t. I’m telling you. You want someone who is supportive."

Swoon city? Swoon City!

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When they brought a girl with a broken arm on stage

This one is way too freaking adorable! An elementary school-aged girl with an arm guard is invited on stage, where the boys hug her and sign her cast. Harry even asks the kid to explain what happened to her arm and she claims she "fell funny." Totally charming!

Could you picture kinder, more sensitive boys?

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When Harry skyped with a cancer patient

Of all of the kind things Harry has done, this one might take the cake. Kelcey Hallinan, One Direction mega fan and Hodgkin's lymphoma patient, used her Make-A-Wish Foundation wish to meet Harry. While the organization tried to set up a date, Kelcey grew sicker and wasn't in good enough health to meet the boy band icon. Instead, they set up a Skype date. How sweet!

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When they gave fans the surprise of their lives

Sometimes just being around your fans is the greatest gift. Other times, it's more fun to surprise the crap out of them. Two years ago, One Direction went on Surprise ITV for a segment where they pretended to be wax figures. (Makeup is truly a gift, ladies and gentlemen.) When a handful of girls thought they were posing next to fake figures, the boys jumped out and totally terrified them. They were... mostly convincing? Watch the hilarious clip above!

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