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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Music Playlist: 20 Perfect Songs for Feasting

From Kelly Clarkson to Louis Armstrong, these songs sate everyone at your holiday feast. We got the music, you handle the food coma

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Vince Guaraldi Trio, "Thanksgiving Theme"

You remember it as the theme song to the beloved Peanuts movie and this instrumental classic instantly sets the mood for Thanksgiving. A great song to kick off your meal.

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Bing Crosby, "I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For"

Don't forget the holiday is all about giving thanks for the riches in life. Bing Crosby's "I've Got Plenty to Be Thankful For" is a great addition to your Thanksgiving playlist for its spot-on sentiment.

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DJ Suede The Remix God and Shirley Caeser, "You Name It! #UNameItChallenge"

A new-age classic. 

Shirley Caeser's moving dedication to foods we love to gorge on at Thanksgiving became a viral sensation when Internet producer DJ Suede The Remix God added a trap beat to the gospel sermon. Enjoy the full, "official" version above or a meme-worthy take below.

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Kelly Clarkson, "Thankful"

The boppy title track to Kelly's debut album will score get brownie points from your family members when you sing the lyrics in dedication. "That I'm thankful for the blessing / And the lessons that I've learned with you / By my side / That I'm thankful for the love that you keep bringing in my life."

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Dee Dee Sharp, "Mashed Potato Time"

A feel-good song that sings what's on everyone's mind: "It's mashed potato time."

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Glee Cast, "Homeward Bound/Home"

Used in a Thanksgiving-themed episode of Glee, the mashup of Phillip Phillips' "Home" and Paul Simon's "Homeward Bound" are sure to inspire fuzzy feelings about being in a warm home with family and friends.

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Dido, "Thank You"

Probably the most famous song about saying "Thank You," even your kooky aunt who doesn't know any current music probably came cross this 2000 hit single at some point.

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Ray Charles & James Taylor, "Sweet Potato Pie"

A delicious classic relating happiness to an item very likely on the menu for Thanksgiving dessert.

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Josh Groban, "Thankful"

Here's one Mom's sure to enjoy, a gorgeous tune about gratitude by Josh Groban.

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James Brown & The Famous Flames, "Mashed Potatoes U.S.A."

A good-eatin' classic that the whole dinner table will bounce along to in their chairs.

Additional bonus: The groovin' you're doin will help digest the food faster!

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Jason Mraz, "93 Million Miles"

A heartfelt track that can act as a reminder that home is where the heart is. The song has Jason Mraz crooning about his father and mother who tell him "Just know that wherever you go / You can always come home."

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Tamar Braxton, "Thank You Lord"

Add a little R&B to the mix with this track about recognizing and counting your blessings.

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Celine Dion, "Thankful"

Add a praise-worthy song by Celine Dion for Mom.

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Louis Armstrong, "What a Wonderful World"

A great song that highlights all the beautiful things in the world makes for a perfect sentiment to end the meal with!

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Tori Amos, "Thank You"

Nothing says family #feelz like a heartfelt piano tune from the fiery songstress.

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Jay & The Techniques, "Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie"

Start the dessert discussion early by putting on this brassy track from 1967. Grandma and Grandpa might remember it, it was a Top 10 hit in the late '60s.

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Booker T. & The MG's, "My Sweet Potato"

Dad will love this sweet, subtle groove track.

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Natalie Cole, "Be Thankful"

The late legend's funky track will not only help you digest your Thanksgiving meal (that groovin' bassline is undeniable), but it'll put things into perspective. 

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Chance the Rapper, "Chance-giving Monologue"

In an effort to become "the Mariah Carey of Thanksgiving," Chance the Rapper busted out a feel-good song about the weirdos that are at all our dinners.

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Adam Sandler, "The Thanksgiving Song"

....Or you could end your Thanksgiving dinner on a hilarious note with Adam Sandler's famously ridiculous ode to the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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