November 20, 2014


Don't Miss 'The Mixdown' Hip Hop Special

Fuse's Esteban Serrano loves hip hop. From keeping up with the culture's biggest names, records and trends, to helping young, new talent break out, it's clear why he's is the perfect host for The Mixdown, our half-hour hip hop special premiering Thursday, Nov. 20, at 10/9c.

Read more about The Mixdown from the host himself:

"Hip hop is the most influential force on planet Earth. It gets products sold and presidents elected. For most people, it’s just music. For the rest of us, it’s our lifestyle. You often hear the phrase “eat, sleep and breathe” used to describe just how passionate someone is about something. With hip hop, you can actually eat it, sleep it and breathe it. Now with The Mixdown on TV, you can see it as well."

"The Mixdown started as an online vehicle for emerging musicians in hip hop. It was a place where they could delve deep into their craft and hustle. But the term "artist" doesn’t just describe rappers and producers. And the term "hustle" doesn’t just describe the product of music."

"Take Naturel for example–his visual art is hip hop. He takes the sounds of Biggie, 2Pac, 2 Chainz, and Kanye and turns them into still life. Then there’s Chase. He's a young 17-year-old born into the culture of hip hop. He turned his love of collecting, customizing and refurbishing sneakers into a business. His hustle is hip hop. This show will highlight their stories too."

"All that being said, we cannot exclude music itself. That’s at the core of hip hop and it’s what made our Mixdown web series so successful. We bring an artist who is making amazing music, who you might not know just yet, and dissect their latest mixtape. In this TV special of The Mixdown, we called in Ab Liva. I introduce him to everyone as “Your favorite rapper’s favorite writer” partially because of the many songs he’s helped write for Kanye, Dr. Dre and so on."

"Then you have the most important part of hip hop–the community. Sharing and debating new trends is how hip hop spread like wildfire across the globe. We called up a few opinionated yet credible contributors and let the cameras roll!"

The Mixdown premieres Thursday, November 20 at 10p/9c, with encores that night at 12:30a/11:30c and 3:30a/2:30c, and again at 5:30p/4:30c Friday afternoon.