November 10, 2014


Top 40: Who Will Make the Final Four?

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We're nearing the end of voting for Top 40 of 2014 and the crazy ride that will culminate in one video getting crowned the best of the year—but we're not quite there yet!

A too-close-for-comfort Round 3 has just narrowed our field down to eight final videos, and now there's just two short days of voting before this Elite Eight is whittled down into our Final Four. Will 2014 juggernauts like "Dark Horse," "Anaconda" and "Timber" continue to win? Or will this round end their run? Start voting now to make your choice count!

Here are the matchups for Round 4:

Nicki Minaj vs. Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz: Can Nicki's bootylicious, record-breaking "Anaconda" trump the sexy stride of Derulo's "Talk Dirty," now a dance floor standard?

Katy Perry and Juicy J vs. Jessie JAriana Grande and Nicki Minaj: "Dark Horse" and "Bang Bang" could easily duke it out 'til the very end based on their mega-collabo powers alone!

One Direction vs. Paramore: The feel-good vibes of "Story of My Life" and "Ain't It Fun" are going head-to-head, so ready yourselves, Directioners and Parawhores: Neither vid is going down without a fight.

Pitbull and Kesha vs. 5 Seconds of Summer: Not for nothing, but the 5SOS fam has done an incredible job of keeping their faves in the running with "She Looks So Perfect." But can they topple the twin behemoths of Pitbull and Kesha?

Katy, Nicki and the rest of the Top 40 hopefuls got this far with the help of your votes and your votes alone, so don't ease up now: Round 4 has already started, and it draws to a close this Wednesday, November 12 at 6PM ET. Get to voting!