November 14, 2014


Top 40 of 2014's Final Two: How Blind Voting Works

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It's been a wild ride, ya'll. Since the launch of Fuse's Top 40 of 2014 competition, we have chewed our nails down to the nubs watching matchup after matchup of the year's greatest videos. And now we've come down to just two of the year's most iconic visuals: 5 Seconds of Summer's "She Looks So Perfect" and Katy Perry's "Dark Horse."

Now, it's the all-important Round 6, aka the final vote to decide who had the No. 1 video of 2014. You'll notice that, unlike the previous rounds, this round doesn't let you see the results after you cast your vote. But don't worry! Every click is still being counted. We've just entered the blind-voting portion of the competition to keep suspense high.

The final round ends this Monday, November 17 at 11:59PM ET. The winning video will be announced on-air as part of Fuse's Top 40 of 2014 year-end countdown special premiering Saturday, Nov. 29 at 8/7c.

It's been a long, glorious battle and now we're down to just Perry and 5SOS. Rember: Katy is the defending champion. Just last year, the Prism pop star's "Roar" was named the No. 1 song of 2013, and she and her fans seem eager to take it all again. But will the underdog pop-punk band prove that they've got what it takes to compete against a reigning pop diva?

It's all up to you! Vote! Distract the other fanbase. Vote again! Rally other fans to your cause. Vote some more! And do whatever else it takes to make sure your artist is named No. 1 on Fuse's Top 40 of 2014 music video countdown.

So...WHO. WILL. IT. BE? Gear up for the final showdown and also mark your calendars for the big reveal. Tune in for Fuse's full Top 40 of 2014 countdown on Saturday, Nov. 29 at 8/7c. Find Fuse in your area with our handy Channel Finder.