November 20, 2014


'Top 40' Host Michael Catherwood Shares His Top 10 Videos of 2014

Jatnna Nunez for Fuse
Jatnna Nunez for Fuse

After weeks of voting through six rounds, the No. 1 video of 2014 has been decided by you, the fans. Don't miss our Top 40 of 2014 year-end special, premiering Saturday, Nov. 29 at 8/7c, to find out which video you crowned the best of 2014.

KROQ and Loveline radio host Michael Catherwood is hosting the 4-hour special, which also looks back at music's biggest trends and headlines of 2014. Before you watch Mike count down to the No. 1 video you voted for, here are his personal top 10 videos from this year:

10. Royal Blood – "Figure It Out"

"What a band. So different and powerful. Essentialism in music."

9. Nicki Minaj – "Anaconda"

"I go right to boner town when this video comes on. Ms. Minaj is so ridiculously hot and this video just highlights it oh so well."

8. Jack White – "Lazaretto"

"Jack White talked about how he wrote this song while listening to old school hip hop almost exclusively. Listen to it with that in mind and you can totally hear the influence. Word up kid."

7. Kim Deal & Morgan Nagler – "The Root"

"This song is actually ugly at times. I love it. You hear the Pixies in it. It's in the DNA."

6. The Wytches – "Wire Frame Mattress"

"It's really strange to hear or see something that you believe happened involuntarily. As if it was an act of nature. That's how I feel about all the Wytches I hear."

5. Tove Lo – "Habits (Stay High)"

"I'm a huge Tove Lo fan overall. I think she's such a talented writer and she's only going to get better."

4. Taylor Swift – "Shake It Off"

"You flat out can't dislike this song. It's a perfect pop tune. Haters gonna hate."

3. Sia – "Chandelier"

"This is about as melodramatic a song as I can handle. Sia makes it authentic to me."

2. The Black Keys – "Fever"

"There's a reason why The Keys have become the biggest rock act In the world (Foo Fighters might debate that) and it's because they are flat out better. They play so well and have such a sense of humor."

1. The Black Tibetans – "You're Cold"

"After the 'garage rock' revival of a decade ago, I feel like so many bands have tried to create this sound but The Black Tibetans just ooze it out."

Don't miss Michael Catherwood hosting our Top 40 of 2014 special on Sat., Nov. 29, at 8/7c.