November 3, 2014


Top 40: Could "Say Something" Trounce Nicki's "Anaconda"?

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Barbz, your queen needs your help: "Anaconda" is in serious danger of getting bounced from the Top 40 of 2014 running, and only your votes can save Nicki Minaj!

In a totally stunning Top 40 twist, A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera's heartbreaking "Say Something" is neck-and-neck with the smash hit that broke Vevo's record for the most plays in a 24-hour period. Everyone in the world has seen the "Anaconda" video (and likely more than once), so it's a bit of a surprise that "Say Something" is giving the scintillating video a run for its money, gorgeous as it is.

While Minaj triumphed over Iggy Azalea in Round 1, it's possible her fiery volley of fierce, bootylicious dance moves may not prevail over the serious feelings, cinematic scenes and classic melodrama of "Say Something." The two videos are polar opposites on every level from musical style to visual tone, and that's part of what makes this particular Top 40 throwdown one of the most exciting to watch.

Even if A Great Big World and Christina prevail and move onto the next round, there's a chance that "Anaconda" could gain enough votes to make it into the Wildcard round and ultimately onto the top of our Top 40 videos of the year list. (Make sure you read up on the explanation of how Wildcard rules work when you vote!)

Whether your "Anaconda" don't want none of this emotional piano ballad or not, get voting stat: Round 2 ends tomorrow (Tuesday, November 4 at 6pm ET), so break out the tissues or the twerking and watch away!