December 4, 2014


Azealia Banks Slams Iggy Azalea Over Eric Garner Case

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When a New York grand jury came to the conclusion yesterday that an NYPD officer would not be indicted for the killing of Eric Garner, protests sprang up across the country. Tensions boiled over, and various celebrities took to social media to show solidarity, voice their concerns and grieve.

In the music world, that sparked a feud between Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea. Banks has never censored herself before, and she didn't stop herself last night when she called out Iggy in the hours following the verdict.

Banks delivered an impassioned screed via tweets, stating that the media's emphasis on the color of her skin reminds her constantly that "[she is] black, and the media reminds everyday that things happen BECAUSE [she is] black." "I feel like I may have a tendency to be a bit more intense and aggressive (IN GENERAL) because of this looming fear that I may not be taken seriously, or thought to be an idiot, or just thought to be any number of things besides just a woman who happens to be black," she continued.

A few tweets later, Banks paused, looked around the internet and noticed that another female rapper wasn't commenting on the Garner verdict, and she fired away:

Banks went on to describe what she wants to do to Iggy (which involves dumping a "jar full of piss and eggs and mayo" over Iggy's head) before bringing Nicki Minaj into the fray.

"And the media needs to STOP trying to move Igloo in on what Nicki has established. Nicki is a hard-working rap BEAST. stop trying to degrade and BELITTLE Our culture with this f*cking kkk Iggy sh*t."  

Iggy responded by posting links to benefit Ferguson and Mike Brown's family and saying that her silence didn't necessary signify a lack of compassion.