December 2, 2014


Big Gigantic Wants You To Be Exhausted After Watching Them Perform

Dominic Lalli and Jeremy Salken, the duo who comprise EDM "livetronica" act Big Gigantic, didn't grow up wanting to become DJs. 

"I was a saxophone player, he was a drummer," Lalli explains, "and we were doing our own side gigs, we did everything from weddings to bar gigs and funk gigs, really anything. When the dance music revolution started coming up with DJs and stuff like that, we would just go play with these people, go sit in and hang out."

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Lalli says that at first, Big Gigantic was just two musicians who were starting to become obsessed with the culture and scene around dance music. Eventually they started their own project, and Lalli says "it was pretty natural for us to do the instruments and mix it with the electronic music."

How does playing instruments on stage, as opposed to spinning records or performing with a computer the way many DJs do, help the act out? "Especially if we're doing a show where it's DJ, DJ, DJ, and then we come up and play," Lalli says, "it really helps us stand out and be individual in our sound and what we're doing."  

Big Gigantic has one thing in common with EDM megastars like Skrillex, Calvin Harris, Steve Aoki and others, though–they want to put all of themselves into each show. Salken concludes, succintly: "By the end of it, we want everyone to be exhausted."