December 2, 2014


Charli XCX Puts the "Grr" in "Grrl Group" in "Breaking Up"

Charli XCX is a retroactive '90s queen who loves all things grunge glam as much as the rockers sporting the same looks and sounds twenty years ago. When she and Iggy Azalea got their Clueless on for "Fancy," that was merely the tip of the iceberg: Charli's gearing up for the release of her full-length Sucker on December 15, and her latest offering from the album, "Breaking Up," is like a walk through your favorite '90s films and TV shows.

A serious dose of Jawbreaker/Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead/My So-Called Life/etc. realness gets delivered via "Breaking Up," complete with awkward family dinners, sassy 'tudes, a serious rock band made up of badass babes and bowling alley hangs with best friends.

The track showcases a harder edge for Charli, with distorted riffs Elastica, the Donnas and all those other bands you threw on mix tapes for your buds pre-Millennium would be proud of. The girl power (or should we go with GRRL power?) sentiments fit right at home here, too, as Charli's clearly all about hanging out with her pals instead of wasting time on idiot dudes throughout the clip.

Listen to "Breaking Up" above, and keep your ears peeled for more from Sucker in the weeks leading up to its release.