December 10, 2014


David Guetta, Chris Brown & Trey Songz Get Funky on "Dangerous Part 2"

David Guetta sure knows how to pick 'em: For his latest single, "Dangerous Part 2," he's tapped some of 2014's biggest talents to guest on a track that dress some tried-and-true funk grooves up in vibes from the future.

Instead of favoring massive drops and huge EDM breakdowns, "Dangerous Part 2" has a decidedly "Get Lucky" edge courtesy of that grooving bass line and the sky high-register belts of Chris BrownTrey Songz and Sam Martin. In the lyric video for the track, the singers involved aren't the only ones reaching great heights: The whole thing is set to footage from vintage rocket launches and sci-fi clips, propelling the parties involved into orbit along with the genre-bending dance tune.

"Dangerous Part 2" follows up—you guessed it—"Dangerous," the first single from Guetta's Listen (out earlier this year) which also featured Martin. There are hardly too many cooks in this kitchen, though the original left little to be desired, but hey: It's great to be surprised when a good track gets even better.

Give "Dangerous Part 2" an updated Listen (see what we did there?!) above, and here's hoping Guetta's got new tuneage coming up in early 2015!